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Strange stories. Photo: Disclosure.

Showing at Cine Guarani Brazilian horror stories

The national cinema is highlighted this week in cinemas of the Curitiba Cultural Foundation. One of the most interesting attractions is the Brazilian film "Strange Stories", what's playing at the meeting of 19h, NO cinema Guarani, Cultural gate. The film brings together eight short films of terror and suspense, each with a different story.

Recently launched in the domestic circuit, the collection presents potential directors and directors representatives of this kind in the country. The shorts are: "Nobody", Rodrigo Brandao; "The hand", de Kapel Furman; "Woman Ltda.", Taisa Ennes; "In Thunder, In the rain or in the Storm ", Paul Biscay Son; "The Lovers", Claudio Ellovitch; "Invisible", Filipe Ferreira; "Seven Minutes to Midnight", Ricardo Ghiorzi; and "Apostles", Marcos de Brito. Each short is about ten minutes long.

O horror, the bizarre and inexplicable are in this collection that features killers, witches, demons, mutants and even an invisible man. The films have no connection with each other. Each was produced by a different team, gathered after the creator of the project, Ricardo Ghiorzi.


Another attraction at Cine Guarani is the documentary "Laughing At Toa - Humor boundless", with the participation of Regina Case, Miguel Falabella and Helio de la Peña. The film deals with a new arm of the national mood that began to emerge from 1988. Using artifacts which for many years have been banned, the comedians of the decade 80 They were inspired by idols that had to face censorship and met the difficult challenge of making humor in a country whose creativity was curtailed.

Besides Cine Guarani, the Cinematheque is also with new national productions. One of the films is the documentary "I'm saving myself for when the Carnival get", on the lives of jeans manufacturers City Toritama, the interior of Pernambuco. Over 20 million jeans are produced annually in home factories. Proud to be their own bosses, the owners of these factories work around the clock in all seasons, except at carnival: when it's week off they sell everything they have accumulated and rest in heavenly beaches.

Completing programming, the Cinematheque also displays "Divine Love", director Gabriel Mascaro, with Dira Paes, Julio Machado and Emílio de Mello. A religious devotee uses his craft in a registry office to try to hamper divorces. While waiting for a divine sign in recognition of his efforts is facing a crisis in their marriage that ends up leaving her even closer to God.
The Cinematheque will also have a session of Cineclube Atalante, with the film "Revenge of the woman", a Portuguese production that goes on in the century Europe 19. The film is a free adaptation of one of the most famous tales of the French Barbey d'Aurevilly (1808 – 1889).

Cultural Gate-Avenida República Argentina, 3430 -Gate
Tickets R $ 12 e R$ 6 (half price)
• Programming 18 to 24/7

Laughing at Toa - Humor Unlimited
(BR, 2019, documentary, 102, 14 years)
Direction: Claudio Manoel and Alvaro Campos
List: Regina Case, Miguel Falabella, Hélio de la Peña.

Strange stories
(Brasil, 2019, terror, 75’, 16 years) Direction: Rodrigo Brandão, Kapel Furman, Taisa Ennes, Paulo Filho Biscay, Claudio Ellovitch, Filipe Ferreira, Ricardo Ghiorzi, Marcos De Brito

S. Carlos Cavalcanti, 1174 -San Francisco
Tickets: R$ 10 e R$ 5 (half price)
• Programming 18 to 24/7

I'm saving myself for when the Carnival reach
(Brasil, 2018, documentary, 85’, 10 years) Direction: Marcelo Gomes
• There will be no session on this film 20/7

Divine love
(Brasil, 2018, drama, 99’, 18 years)
Direction: Gabriel Mascaro
List: Dira Paes, July Machado, Emílio de Mello
• There will be no session on this film 24/7

20/7 (Saturday) – 16h - Free
Cine Club Atalante
Revenge Women
(BY, 2012, 100′) Rita Azevedo Gomes direction
Rita Durão, Fernando Rodrigues, Isabel Ruth.

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