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Funarte Scholarship and French Alliance for Artist Residency. Photo: Disclosure.
Funarte Scholarship and French Alliance for Artist Residency. Photo: Disclosure.

In unprecedented partnership, Funarte and Aliança Francesa launch an Artistic Residency notice

Contest will award four scholarships for performing arts areas

Funarte and Aliança Francesa invite all professionals in the performing arts (dance, theater, Circus and performance) on Artistic Residency Notice. With registration until the day 04 February 2022, via online form, applicants may be Brazilian and French and may carry out artistic improvements and residency projects in Brazil and France. The competition will award four grants of financial support, partial or full, not worth R $ 26.250,00 for the projects contemplated, that will be carried out during, at least, 30 days in Brazil and 30 days in France.

Application form available at: villa-tijuca.com/dev/inscricoes

Access the Notice: bit.ly/FunarteAliançaFrancesa

through this action, Funarte promotes artistic residencies in Brazil and France with the aim of promoting exchanges and co-creations between Brazilian and French-speaking artists. The investment is R $ 105 thousand for the payments of the contemplated projects and R$ 5 thousand for administrative and operating expenses.

The Public Notice for the Funarte Scholarship and the French Alliance of Artist Residencies in Performing Arts – Brazil/France – 2021 allows the registration of solo performing arts professionals, aged from 18 years, and also collectives and groups, for-profit or non-profit, in the circus areas, theater, dance or performance. Also according to the notice, the financial resources of the scholarships will be used to pay travel expenses, displacements, lodging, food, expenses with scenic and technical material during the residency. More details can be found in the notice..

The public notice is part of the Technical Cooperation Term of the National Arts Foundation with the French Alliance, signed on 14 th December 2021. The initiative provides for mutual support in carrying out technical training programs that include projects in the areas of dance, circus, music, theater, visual arts and integrated arts, benefiting Brazilian and French artists. The agreement aims to enable training courses, practical experiences, exchanges for industry professionals, stages, organization of cultural and artistic events, in addition to participating in the dissemination of actions in accordance with the objectives of the two institutions.

Created in 1975, Fundação Nacional de Artes – Funarte is the body of the Brazilian Federal Government whose mission is to promote and encourage the production of, the practice, the development and diffusion of the arts in the country. It is responsible for federal public policies to stimulate Brazilian artistic production.; and works so that the population can increasingly enjoy the arts. Currently, Funarte reaches the circus areas, dance and theatre; music, concert, popular and bands; and visual arts; and also the preservation of the memory of the arts and research in the artistic sphere. It is the only institution in the Brazilian State with the attributions and specialties necessary to deal with these fields of activity..

The Alliance Française was founded in Paris, in 1883, and already has more than 80 years of history in Brazil. With a mission to spread the French language and culture abroad, the non-profit institution also contributes to the enrichment of political and cultural relations between Brazil and France.

Further clarifications can be obtained by email danca@funarte.gov.br or residences@villa-tijuca.com

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