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Between passion and obsession: how healthy a relationship is?

Debut book by Cleo Dutra narrates the types of relationships through fiction inspired by real problems

Released in December, by Editorial Group Coherence, the book “Between Passion and Obsession”, da autora Cleo Dutra, tells the story of a young woman with Anxiety Disorder breaking free from an abusive relationship and being surprised by a passion that dominates her body. Through a narrative inspired by real people looking for psychotherapy, the author proposes to approach subjects with a focus on the current world.

Since young standing out in newsrooms at school, the writer revealed in an interview that she had the story in mind for a long time, but it was only during the quarantine, through a Covid-19 pandemic, who managed to find time to put the plot on paper: “Concluí a escrita e revisão em menos de 40 days. I sent it to Editora Coerência not expecting that it would be answered quickly, but it was in a few days, and that made me extremely happy. ”, said in an interview.

In the story, we accompany Sarah, a young woman who suffers from Anxiety Disorder, leaving an abusive relationship and reveling in a new love. The attraction of this new passion increases, only she doesn't know what her obsessive and dangerous ex's reaction will be when she finds out about this new love.

“Between Passion and Obsession” narrates a novel that also serves as a wake-up call for healthy or sick relationships: “The book will cause different feelings and emotions for readers, like compassion, hate and admiration ”, pointed out Cleo Dutra.

The work is available for sale at the Editorial Group Coherence.

Synopsis: After breaking free from the abusive relationship, Sarah is surprised by a declaration of love, just when she least expected and sought. Driven by impulsiveness, she kisses him and is disconcerted with such pleasure.
The attraction only increases when they spend the night together, pois Sarah descobre que o novo amor tem mais poder sobre seu corpo do que ela própria é capaz. Mas será que o ex obsessivo e perigoso deixará o novo casal ser feliz? Or will be willing to do anything not to lose it and prevent this romance?

Biography: Cleo Dutra nasceu em São Francisco de Paula, interior of Rio Grande do Sul. Since adolescence she has been passionate about reading and always dreamed of writing a good romance book. She is a clinical psychologist and specialist in neuropsychology, being from the office (of real people) that draws the best inspirations for writing.

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