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industrial style: decor that mixes the rustic with the contemporary

Amplitude is a key characteristic of the trend, which is ideal for integrating environments

The The idea of ​​integrated environments is increasingly present in decorations, strengthening the concept of hybrid and multifaceted spaces, as a home office integrated into the bedroom and kitchen integrated into the living room.


With reduced apartments, associating the rooms brings more light to the place and makes everything more fluid. In this scenario, the industrial style unites the urban with the classic in the decoration, with brick walls, plumbing, exposed beams and iron parts, that harmonize with sober and clean items.

Environments with industrial decor combine textures, like metals, concrete and leather, with strong colors, like lead, Black and Gray, and sober tones, like white. It's the perfect union of rustic, vintage and contemporary. The lighting is also a strong point, and works in partnership with straight lines to create a minimalist and striking atmosphere., at the same time.


For the most conservative, it is possible to include punctual details of the industrial style in the decoration little by little, to make it more classic and harmonic. The boldest can make a more complete change, impactful and innovative. Just know the elements that are part of this trend, which has been successful in the United States since the 1990s. 1970.

personality on the walls

One of the hallmarks of the industrial style is the exposed brick walls., that can be painted white, in natural wood tones, or even with some colorful punctual details. When painted white, match retro furniture in woody tones. Already on brick walls, in earthy and natural colors, the ideal is to combine a more sober decoration, in shades like gray and black.

a dose of comfort

Anyone who thinks that a house with industrial decor has no comfort is very wrong.. The style blends in well with wooden furniture and natural tones., soft, fluffy fabrics like cotton and wool. Have you ever heard of fake fur decoration?? These are synthetic materials that simulate animal skin., bring warmth to the environment and harmonize very well with the industrial style.

Colors: why not?

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Neutral tones are very present in the trend, but the vibrant colors are also present. Colorful walls match pillows, armchairs, vases and plants. ethnic textures, colored or in black and white are also good options to dialogue with the sober tones of the other elements.

More light

Amplitude is a key feature in industrial decoration, with the presence of wide windows and doors, that take advantage of natural lighting, and use of mirrors, that bring a sense of depth to the environment. In addition, lamps can become the star of decoration, especially those pending, that add charm and refinement to the environment.

loose imagination

You can travel in the imagination, with headboards made with plumbing, shelves with iron chains and other objects that can be customized by specialized professionals, using tools such as a drill and welding inverter. Industrial decor is perfect for all tastes and room sizes., and combines with a cool and fluid routine.

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