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Free event offers Angolan and Brazilian dance classes at CEU Heliópolis

The collective Our Kizomba will hold Angolan and Brazilian dance classes, as a workshop alluding to Women's Month, where they will address the History of Queen Nzinga – symbol of resistance to Portuguese colonialism in Angola, a very strong woman, force, attitude, articulator and more, in addition to having a basic samba class on the foot

São Paulo, March 2022 – To celebrate women's month, the collective Our Kizomba will carry out a special activity. On 30 March, at 19h, a class will be held angolan dance at CEU Heliopolis, with Vanessa Dias, project coordinator and Brazilian who stands out when it comes to Afro House/Kuduro, Iza Sousa and Angolan Gilson Manuel will also participate in the event.. This initiative also aims to bring more quality information to a new audience., in addition to creating an opportunity for people to have access to another culture, in search of greater diversity.

According to Vanessa Dias, creator and project coordinator, researcher of African dances since 2016, the project is a direct way of taking not only dance, but every story behind it. “We want to promote cultural diversity, to publicize and guide the Brazilian public about Angolan dances (kizomba, Semba, Afro House / Kuduro), as well as working on our own Brazilian culture and dances (samba in the foot, Forró, Stamp and Funk), demystifying some social and cultural paradigms of Angolan and Brazilian dances, explaining what they have in common (Kizomba and Forró, semba and samba, Afro House / Kuduro and Funk)”, explains.

Also according to her, the idea is to take culture to the strong impact it has on people's lives – It's not just about dancing, it's about the way of being and being. “We will work on the essence and the root, evidencing the connection between Brazilian and Angolan rhythms and dances, in addition to collaborating so that this knowledge is propagated in the best possible way without mischaracterizing it, because the Angolan/African culture is present in our daily lives, and it is extremely important that Brazilians have access to this knowledge”, compliments vanessa.

Strong Angolan culture in Brazil

The Angolan culture of a few years has taken over the world and it would be no different in Brazil, immigration brought this dance/music culture and, in fact, sociocultural work brings together not only Brazilians, but the Angolans of their homeland. “Our purpose is to publicize and propagate Brazilian and Angolan rhythms, strengthening, respecting and cultivating cultural origins and ties and, our greatest intention, is to bring the importance of culture as an economic power and a tool for social transformation, providing through dance a unique experience, with joy, physical and mental health in a familiar environment accessible to all”, explains Vanessa.

“In the circles of conversations and dance activities, we will address and bring matters about the cultural history between the two countries, in addition to addressing the issue of prejudice, the struggle and freedom of cultural expression. Because samba was already a reason for a person to be arrested here in Brazil and Semba occupied a decisive space in the fight for Angola's Independence. Brazil was the first country to recognize Angolan independence”, account.

The Collective has become a reference, a tradition group in the city of São Paulo, with a serious job, positively impacting the lives of Angolans/Africans, immigrants in general and Brazilians, regardless of social status, where the city of São Paulo got to know a piece of Angola, through Art, cultural goods, dance and entertainment, promoting a rich Cultural Exchange between Angola & Brasil.

Event information

Free Angolan dance class

Date: 30 March

Time: 19h

Local: CEU Heliopolis – in the multipurpose room. Open to everyone from 13 years

Information: To register for classes/workshops it is necessary to have a CEU card.

To make the card/Documents needed: Xerox RG, CPF, Proof of residency and 1 photo 3×4. The Card is made from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm in the management building. All activities are free.

Contact for more information: Our Kizomba – (11) 98592-8610

Envelope or Kizomba Yetu

The collective “OUR OWN” term that comes from one of the Angolan national languages – the "Kimbundu”Which can be translated as“ Our Party ”, – holds socio-cultural events, in the capital of São Paulo. The main objective is to promote Angolan culture and dances through Kizomba classes, Semba, Kuduro, among others. The collective has existed since August 2018. It is formed by Brazilians, Angolans, Guinean and French, residing in São Paulo, where cultural exchange activities take place. In 2019, the collective was awarded by the Municipal Department of Culture in the VAI program 1 (Valuing Cultural Initiatives) to carry out the project called “Brazil Cultural Exchange & Angola”. Several Angolan Dance Workshops were held, in the Houses of Culture and Cultural Centers of São Paulo, with free entry. Since the inauguration of the OUR OWN an average of 60 events and spent more than 2.000 students, we operate in several regions of São Paulo, such as: See, Bras, Republic, Beautiful View, Jabaquara, Townshend, Peri Alto Garden, Sacomã / Ipiranga and Avenida Paulista, in addition to participation in other cultural events.

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