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Collective exhibition brings together Brazilian artists in an art gallery in Portugal

Group exhibition organized by EURART

Marinha Grande, Leiria, 13 September 2022 – The collective exhibition organized by Eurart will take place in the last week of September in Portugal, to exhibition will bring together artists from all over Brazil at Galleryspt in Marinha Grande with works of art in the most diverse techniques, including photography and sculptures, bringing a totally innovative format that will allow artists to exhibit their works in a gallery in Europe even if they don't have the means to go there.

The EURART group exhibition program began with the dream of taking the art of Brazilian artists around the world, over time the success was so great, that artists from all over the world were interested. Always with seriousness and love for art, taking art everywhere, making exhibitions in the most varied galleries.

“Exhibiting the work in a gallery abroad is a springboard for the artist who aims to disseminate his work, the increase of a strong portfolio, in addition to being an extra key that unlocks new doors for sponsorships, financial contributions and art and culture public notices, because, as it was reiterated, exposing the work abroad is a unique opportunity” highlights Camila Jabour, Production Director.

Allow yourself to experiment with new ways of showing your art, and rediscover yourself by visiting the new. That's what exposure allows, because it brings a format that allows this. This format consists of: the artist sends the work and it is printed on coated paper 150 grams, no A4 format (210X297 MM), in addition the works are framed, thus enabling the artist to exhibit without going to the, at the end of the exhibition, the artist also receives 2 pictures and 1 exhibition video, in addition to digital certificate. A totally innovative format that opens horizons for new artists and artists who have the desire to exhibit abroad.


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