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Exhibition: “light that emanates” – Iolanda Gollo Mazzoti – Opening 01 of October

Galeria Marcelo Guarnieri

Sao Paulo Alameda Lorena, 1835
São Paulo – SP – Brazil info www.galeriamarceloguarnieri.com.br

Iolanda Gollo Mazzotti: LIGHT THAT EMANATES

exposure period 1 October to 3 th November of 2022
opening 1 October 2022 / 10h-17h

Galeria Marcelo Guarnieri is pleased to present, between 1 October and 3 th November of 2022, “LIGHT THAT EMANATES”, first shows in our São Paulo unit of artist Iolanda Gollo Mazzotti (Caxias do Sul, 1952). The exhibition brings together paintings, sculptures and fleets produced during the years of 2021 and 2022 and has a critical text by the curator Ricardo Resende.

Iolanda Gollo Mazzotti started her production in the 1990s. 1990, exhibiting his work in museums such as MAM São Paulo; MAM Rio de Janeiro; Imperial Palace in Rio de Janeiro; MAC Paraná; MAC Rio Grande do Sul and Itaú Cultural de São Paulo. In your research, the artist investigates issues related to light and the power of the image, through an approach to the universe of religious statuary and experimentation with the technique of engraving in an expanded field.

Daughter and granddaughter of artisans carpenters of altars and saints, Gollo Mazzotti grew up surrounded by religious figures, who, in your eyes, always seemed perfect and unattainable, away from the earth plane. Moved by this restlessness and interested in the plastic aspects of those sculptural objects, the artist started a work – which has lasted more than twenty years – of distortion and dismantling of Nossa Senhora da Luz, a saint of the Catholic Church traditionally invoked by people with visual impairments, which in its original image carries a lamp.

Her curiosity about the issues of the invisible led her to associate her research on religious imagery with the field of sensory perceptions., questioning the importance that had been socially attributed to the sense of sight for human experience. In the mid- 90, Gollo Mazzotti closely followed the work of APADEV – Association of Parents and Friends of the Visually Impaired of Caxias do Sul, exchanging experiences and reflections with members around the potential and limitations of sighted and non-sighted people. This experience allowed the artist to reflect that light does not always allow an apprehension of reality, since it can inhibit other senses and, when in excess, can blind. Removing the lamp from the saint's hands in her work, Gollo Mazzotti resignifies the image of Nossa Senhora da Luz as a way of exploring questions that are not only philosophical, as well as plastic. “In my job, this image has an empty hand because light now presents itself in different ways. modeling, delimiting and diluting to generate different intensities of shadows.”, says Yolanda.

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Na Galeria Marcelo Guarnieri, Iolanda Gollo Mazzotti presents sculptures, paintings and objects that are built using techniques such as fleeting, molding and sewing, and materials such as coal, to sediment and or plaster. All these works come from a single matrix: the sculpture of a Our Lady of Light. To produce one of the works, impressions are taken from this matrix, floated on silk with charcoal and plaster, which generate fragmented images of the saint, as if they were imperfect records of a sacred body, suspended from the ceiling. Another set of pieces presented comes a little closer to the three-dimensional field, although they are still related to the act of engraving and the artist's interest in the language of engraving. molded on fabric, compose deformed bodies of the saint whose aspects can be perceived through a draping effect. The artist explains that “the saint never fully rebuilds, only gives indications of its totality”.

Going further in the exercise of dismantling such a figure, Gollo Mazzotti also exhibits silicone molds and plaster beds, no more suspended and aerial, but laid out on the floor, in contact with the ground: “The beds that host the molds contain the strength of a form impregnated with concepts and limitations., but now they rest in a dim light that breaks away from the rigid structure of matter.” Other smaller molds made of plaster, resin and wax are presented, but what you see are only their interior cavities lit by small low voltage lamps. Two machines on opposite walls scratch the surface with charcoal – one horizontally and one vertically – and compose a dismembered cross., also leaving on the ground the record of the action in the form of dust.


Galeria Marcelo Guarnieri 

Exhibition: Iolanda Gollo Mazzotti –  light that emanates

Exposure period: 01 October 2022 to 03 th November of 2022

Free entrance 

Alameda Lorena, 1835 - Gardens 

São Paulo – SP – Brasil / 01424 002 

tel +55 (11) 3063 5410 / | contato@galeriamarceloguarnieri.com.br 

themselves - sex: 10h from 19hs. 

Saturday – 10h to 17hs 

More info, access the pagewww.galeriamarceloguarnieri.com.br 

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