Raw Material Exhibition at Solar de Botafogo

Samuel Thanks. Photo: Disclosure.
Samuel Thanks. Photo: Disclosure.

Curated by Samuel Graças and carried out by Ícone Assessoria Artística, the Matéria-prima exhibition will be on display at the Centro Cultural Solar de Botafogo from December 8th to 16th.


The exhibition aims to present a sample of the contemporary national panorama, For this purpose, promising talents were selected from the north to the south of Brazil.

Anchored in Brazilian cultural multiplicity, Raw material absorbs in its body the contribution of each exhibitor, considering its individual basis and insertion in a collective to, finally, confabulate within oneself a powerful experience formulated by the sum of the contributions.


Regarding the works, each one is inserted as a unique sign, full of discursive power, which, nevertheless, weaving dialogues with other works, with the exhibition space and the public, in this way, generating layers of understanding that cannot be predicted by the artist.

The exhibition presents tactile and visible objects, However, is revealed starting from the conceptual modus operandi, reinforcing the notion that the vigor of his works does not end in physical dimensions.


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Bringing the names of Abigail Guedes, Key Gimmenez, Claudio Fagundes, Denilce Meirelles, Jô Bianchi, Lucia Guim, Lui Trindade, noah cider, Patrícia Siqueira, Ronaldo Ferreira, Rose Nobre, Sandra Rorato, William de Jesus and Zaia Angelo, are presented 28 works that permeate painting, sculpture, photography, batik and two pairs of boots!

Regarding the thematic universe, proposals are considered that include: technical and aesthetic experimentation, tribute to great artists, affective memory, psychological and psychiatric problems, rescue of African cultural heritage and gender issues.

Free entry
Opening (8/12) from 16 hrs at 19 hrs.
Visitation (9/12 to 16/12) from 13 hrs at 18 hrs.*
*To visit the exhibition outside these hours, you must check the operation of Solar de Botafogo.
On Sunday of the day 10/12 the space will not open.
Solar Cultural Center of Botafogo
General Street Polidoro, 180 – Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro

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