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Feng Shui: bathroom with problems can 'steal good energy’

Issues in the piping would “drain” the energy field of the residence

The concept of energy is used as the basis for several theories — one of them related to the organization of environments. ancient chinese practice, Feng Shui states that the arrangement of items in a given space can be directly related to local energy movement and influence different aspects of life, like health, relationship and professional success.


According to this theory, the bathroom requires a lot of attention because it is associated with energy purification. Its main objective is to collect and remove all waste and impurities from the house through the pipes., drains and toilet. Thus, any and all piping issues can cause an energy imbalance.

In order not to compromise the circulation of energy in the environment, Feng Shui lists some measures, how to keep the toilet door and lid closed, contact a plunger to solve sewer problems, clean the room and pay attention to decorative items.


Energia e Feng Shui

According to the book “101 Feng Shui Solutions to Change Your Life”, Feng Shui is an onomatopoeic term meaning “wind and water”, that is, the two words mimic the sound of the elements. The ancient Chinese believed that, when choosing a place to live close to nature, there would be more chances of having a prosperous and balanced life. Broadly, they were confident that the choice of location would bring positive energy to everyday life.

As it is not always possible to reside next to the flowers, rivers, lagos e mares, Feng Shui also brought the idea of ​​creating an approximation with nature through lighting, air circulation, fluidity, plants and crystals. In this way, environments that have elements that refer to the natural, but keep the organization and balance, are able to potentiate energies of prosperity, affection and success.


bathroom problems: o que o Feng Shui diz

On a daily basis, it is common for problems to arise in the bathroom, such as leaks and clogged pipes. However, Feng Shui believes that these episodes may indicate energy imbalance in the home.

Clogged sinks and pipes, for example, point out emotional block. How clogging prevents water from flowing, the feeling will also have difficulty flowing and following its path.

But when the problem happens in drains, represents energy contamination. In this way, analyze whether there is negative emotional retention through stress, distrust, hurt or resentment. Finally, the chinese theory points out that problems in the toilet mean the storage of toxic and negative energy.

Tips for keeping the bathroom energetically good

Para o Feng Shui, disorganization, accumulation of products and problems in the pipeline are the biggest energy “villains” in the bathroom. For this reason, there are some guidelines that can help maintain balance in the environment.

Toilet door and lid always closed

The toilet needs attention, because this is where much of the organic cleaning takes place. The guideline is that the lid of the vase is always closed to avoid contamination in the place and not to affect the energy part of the house.

Care must also be taken if there is an obstruction. Currently, There are companies that specialize in solving unclogging the toilet and other plumbing-related issues.

The same recommendation applies to the bathroom door.. As with the vase, the drain can also release impurities and impact the energy of the room. Keeping both closed prevents toxicities from reaching other environments.

Attention to problems in the health network

The bathroom piping is responsible for transporting all impurities out of the house.. Therefore, problems at this location can have health impacts, hygiene and energy. It is essential to be aware of problems in the health network and seek to resolve them as quickly as possible..

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Bathroom cleaning is essential

To keep good energies in the bathroom, keep the room always clean and organized. Besides the site cleaning, change towels frequently. When these items accumulate in the bathroom, can concentrate moisture, bacteria and bad smell.

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Another important point is the trash can. When full of waste, brings unpleasant odors and increases the proliferation of bacteria on site. Finally, keep the environment free of product buildup, because excess favors disorganization, lack of objectivity and stagnant energy.

Invest in decorative items

As mentioned, the Feng Shui is a concept that is based on nature. Therefore, investing in items in the bathroom that bring this memory can help keep the place with good energy. Invest in good lighting, plants in the bathroom, crystals and other natural objects.

Text prepared by the Experta team.


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