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4Edition DMAIS DESIGN. Disclosure.

Urban design Festival: Belo Horizonte is preparing to receive the 4th edition of DMAIS DESIGN

It may seem a matter of knowledge of few and unknown to the vast majority of the population, but, the development of all object always has behind a design project that was thought to enhance your use. Examples abound, the design is in fashion, in creating products, on a House plant, on mobile, on the packaging of the supermarket and into the furniture of our homes. In other words, the design is in everything that we use. And exactly for the purpose of bringing people together this concept, propose chats and reflection about the subject that the DMAIS Design was created.

In your 4th Edition, that will be held from 19 to 25 of June, the DMAIS is an urban festival of design that can be configured as a major initiative of the segment in the State of Minas Gerais. The originator of the design week's mining entrepreneur Renato Tomasi and your inspiration was the traditional design week of Milan, Italy.

This year, in total will be more than 100 events that happen throughout the city, including product launch, lectures, cocktails, exhibitions and interventions. Always with the focus on dialogue with other areas of design, as fashion, jewelry and industries. Most of the events is free and open to the public. "We really want to create a calendar that discuss and present design, generating business and attracting tourists, as the main design of the world "weeks, reveals Tomasi.

Design HQ

For the design week from Belo Horizonte, the collective P, junction of professionals in the areas of architecture, Interior design and communication decided to act collaboratively and who will sign the DMAIS Design HQ, that will be assembled in space 600 meters2 in the parking lot of BH Shopping. The gang promises to, through an interactive exhibition, rethink our way of living. In space there will also be new releases, chatroom, workshops and exhibitions. The collective P is formed by Bruna Figueiredo, Eveline Port, Fabiola Constantine, Graziella Nicolai, Leticia Dias, Marina Dubal, Rachel Ramos and Rodrigo Aguiar.

News programming

Among the events will be anchors of the festival is the Modern and eternal, decorating show vintage contemporary and is a big hit in São Paulo. In 2nd Second Edition in the State capital, the shows had your date early to join the DMAIS programming Design.

Another novelty this year is the participation of events, actions and projects of other correlated aspects to the design. To aggregate the most creative and innovative exists in Belo Horizonte, the DMAIS Design opens registration for those interested in events for the week of design. The selective focus are initiatives that disseminate new local designers, promote knowledge and interactivity. Lectures and workshops are an example, as well as small fairs, exhibitions and installations. Entries can be made until the day 24 April, by site www.dmaisdesign.com.br.

"It is worth remembering that the participant is responsible for the Organization of your event and the DMAIS Design is the General curator, that will insert the event on the platforms of dissemination of the festival. We want a greater diversity of activities and events to meet a wider range of audience ", encourages Tomasi.

Stay on top

In times of digital age, Valley track Instagram the festival (@dmais_design) and stay on top of news and preparations. The schedule will be released soon.

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