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From left to right: Journalist and presenter Sonia Racy, Professor and lecturer Eugenio Mussak, Secretary of São Paulo Development, Patricia Ellen, Professor researcher Ronaldo Lemos, Isak Kruglianskas FIA Director General, Alex Augusto, CEO of UOL EdTech and the Secretary of Education SP, Rossieli Soares da Silva. Photo: Avoid Diniz.

FIA launches 12 graduate and MBA courses 100% online with UOL EdTech technology

FIA launches graduate and MBA courses using solution of OPM – UOL EdTech is the first company 100% Brazil to offer a 360 ° solution aimed at the digital transformation of educational institutions

A UOL EdTech and the FIA ​​- Management Institute Foundation – met on Monday (03/02), in the Brazilian House Museum, the education sector and local authorities to launch the FIA ​​Online, front of postgraduate and MBA courses 100% Online da FIA. The University, which is already recognized worldwide as a benchmark in education, Online account with FIA 12 courses 100% Online Graduate and MBA, which can be made at a distance, and provide an innovative digital learning experience. These courses were born in order to provide the quality of the classroom experience of the FIA, in a digital environment.

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"We are committed to delivering high technology added the ability to reach national educational institutions and at the same time offer a digital learning experience quality", says Alex Augusto, CEO do UOL EdTech.

With the theme "Expand Your World", the event brought a special panel of Technology and Education, which addressed the adoption of digital models in offering educational programs for educational institutions. Bringing together big names like Professor, speaker and entrepreneur Eugenio Mussak, the internationally respected researcher Ronaldo Lemos, and even Patricia Ellen, Economic Development Secretary of São Paulo, among others, and having as mediator the renowned journalist and presenter Sonia Racy, the group discussed the challenges of this new decade thinking of how to train professionals prepared to deal with the digital transformation.

Among the main points highlighted in the discussion were the future of online education and the need to bet on a pedagogical review. "We realized that one of the main reasons for dropout youth in colleges is because teaching is offline work. This approach to the labor market that we need to strengthen ", Patricia explains Ellen, Economic Development Secretary of São Paulo.

A UOL EdTech, responsible for providing all the necessary technology for the implementation of online programs, uses all the expertise of more than 20 years of UOL to launch its now offering Online Program Management (OPM). This means that higher education institutions (IES) now have a Brazilian partner to create and manage the best digital version of the educational institution.

In addition to the event, the University has made available an online course called totally free Scenarios 20/25, with three classes led by Ronaldo Lemos experts, Eduardo Giannetti and Eugenio Mussak. Already fully digital environment, classes will be geared for those seeking to develop an insight into the outlook of the future transformation, look with strategic and also an invitation for people to experience the quality of the methodology of the FIA ​​courses, Now in any region of the country. Alex Augusto, CEO do UOL EdTech, said that the course had more than 70 thousand subscribers and only on the first day more than ten thousand people completed the first class.

Bruno Miracles, Director of Educational Innovation and EDTECH, account that the entire platform was developed to provide a complete experience of graduate and MBA. "We know the market needs and the students' profile, therefore, We use a variety of tools and technologies within the platform.

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A UOL EdTech develops technology platforms and Digital Learning Experiences to transform the way educational institutions and businesses use technology in the training of students and professionals to market. UOL company - leader of the Brazilian Internet - The UOL EdTech connects the corporate world and the academic world and has established itself as one of the most innovative technology companies to education.


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