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Carnival-School Youth Blue. Photo: Doreen Marques.
Carnival-School Youth Blue. Photo: Doreen Marques.

Curitiba Cultural Foundation launches public notice and anticipates funding in support of samba schools

The Cultural Foundation of Curitiba launches this Friday (28) the announcement of the Carnival 2018, anticipating the release of financial resources for the samba schools, Carnival blocks and demonstrations of Curitiba pré-carnaval. The announcement of the Municipal Culture Fund, the total amount of R$ 1 million, provides for the allocation of R$ 595 thousand for associations, R$ 316,7 thousand for the costs of infrastructure and R$ 88,3 thousand for logistical support to the activities pré-carnavalescas.

The launch happens with a ceremony at the Villa Wolff, at 4:30 pm, during the inauguration of the new headquarters of the Curitiba Institute of Tourism. The public notice with all of the information is available on the website of Sisprofice (www.fundacaoculturaldecuritiba.com.br/leideincentivo/sisprofice). Entries close at 12:00 of the day 28 August 2017. The release of resources for schools and blocks will be made after the completion of the technical analysis and documentary steps.

The budget for the next event doubled compared to this year's Carnival, in which the company invested about of R$ 500 thousand. For schools of the special group will be allocated R$ 400 thousand. Schools access group will receive a total of R$ 150 thousand. The edict provides for R$ 25 thousand for a school project ingressante and R$ 20 thousand for the Carnival blocks.

The funds reserved for infrastructure expenditure is destined to make the parade on Avenida Marechal Deodoro: sound reinforcement equipment and services, lighting, bleachers, chemical toilets, Security, In addition to appearance fees for the Royal procession and to the jury. Support for pré-carnavalescas activities include hiring bouncers, Electric trio, protection and health grills, supporting known manifestations, as the Garibaldis Block and Sacis, Zombie Walk and Carnival Rock.

"We are anticipating the funding for Carnival and securing more resources for schools. In Exchange, We asked the Carnival that create Carnival schools, to engage their communities and children in that effort of appreciation of popular culture of our city ", says mayor Rafael Greca.

The President of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba, Marcelo Cattani, the originality of the notice. "For the first time, the Curitiba Carnival has its resources released in advance, given the demands of the community Carnival and the Carnival period prescribed by law (municipal law 14.156/2012)”, said. "The anticipation of the calendar ensures better working conditions for schools, You can if you plan, negotiate prices and elaborate with longer the parade on avenida ", says the Chairman of the FCC.

As a counterpart, the notice States that the beneficiary entities to submit another project, that takes into account the democratization of access to culture and the decentralization of cultural actions. The school Carnival-a suggestion of Mayor Rafael Greca that representatives of the samba schools have undertaken to meet.

Check out the values of the notice:

Schools of Samba and Carnival blocks-R$ 595 thousand

  • Special Group-R$ 400 thousand (5 projects of up to R$ 80 thousand)
  • Access Group-R$ 150 thousand (3 projects of up to R$ 50 thousand)
  • School Ingressante-R$ 25 thousand (1 until R$ project 25 thousand)
  • Carnival-R$ 20 thousand (4 even projects 5 thousand)

Infrastructure costs-R$ 316,7 thousand

Pré-carnavalescas activities support structure-R$ 88,3 thousand


Launch of the Edict Curitiba Carnival 2018
Local: Villa Wolff-Piazza Garibaldi, 7
Date and time: 28 th July 2017 (Friday), at 4:30 pm

Announcement and registration form available on the website of Sisprofice:

Information: paicatendimento@fcc.curitiba.pr.gov.br

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