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Gallery PontoArt and SP Estampa present the exhibition "Engravings and Techniques" by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti is Art Columnist.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is Art Columnist.

Gallery PontoArt and SP Estampa present exhibition “Engravings and Techniques” by Edmundo Cavalcanti

The Gallery PontoArt presents this month of May the exhibition "Engravings and Techniques", with works of engravers Ananda Peres, Arluce Gurjão, Beth Lima, Cassiano Pereira Nunes, Daniel Freitas, Flávio Bassani, Gabriel Spineli, Iolanda Cimino, Lucas Pennacchi, Maria Clarice Sarraf, Marcos Oliva, Marina Bellini, Marina Martinelli, Maurício Toledo Piza, Mi Castelani, Omar Santos and Rosalva Siqueira. Parallel, there will also be a special room for the launch of a collection of engravings by the artist Marrey Peres (in memorian), with 19 unpublished engravings of this multifaceted artist from São Paulo, deceased in 1993. Exhibition opening day 12 de Mayo, to 18 hours.

This new exhibition is part of the SP Estampa 2014, a graphic arts festival organized by team Galeria Gravura Brasileira since 2011, with the participation of workshops, schools, galleries and other cultural spaces in the city of São Paulo and with similar events in other cities of São Paulo states and Brazilian cities. With this participation the Gallery PontoArt extends the SP Estampa 2014 until the Vila Madalena, making its way to engravers artists as a way to bring them closer to the public frequenter of this traditional bohemian and artistic neighborhood. The exhibition includes examples of the different techniques used by 18 the cited engravers, as well as some of their tools.

Visitation: 13 to 24 de Mayo, from monday through Friday from 11h to 18h and saturdays from 12h to 17h.

Exhibition prints and Techniques

Photos of Artists who participated with their artworks:


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