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Group gathers to chat about art, mass culture and Carnival

A group of artists, scholars and journalists meets next Saturday (13), a partir the 17h, Read Dario's House Vellozo (Villa Wolf), for a chat about the Carnival while mass culture. "The value of the party" is the theme of this fourth edition of the event "sum" Rule, organized by producer Erick Kings. The event is open to all interested, with free entry.

Art, culture and discussions focused on issues of interest of the collectivity is the proposal of "Sum", que desta vez abordará o tema carnaval. Do all Brazilians feel represented by this party? Do you know how much is invested in this movement? Does he brings positive fruits for the population? What the independent artists have to say that mass culture? What the communicators of our time think about it? These are some of the topics that will be under discussion.

The event will feature participation from singer Gui Sales, the poet Thiago Dalleck, the political scientist Luiz Domingos Costa and journalist KelliKadanus. The mediation will be the journalist Bruno José and Erick presenter Kings. The fourth edition of the Sum Rule has the support of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba and Curitiba Cult site, In addition to the sponsorship of Publisher Estronho, that will make drawings for books.


Mediator – Erick Kings is RCI's producer, is 23 years. Baiano, came to Curitiba too early, at the age of 3 years old. Journalism student, photographer, YouTuber, creator of the rule of thirds and Poster presenter.

Mediator – Bruno Joseph is a journalist, is 31 years. Born in Manaus (AM). With over ten years of experience, got tickets for major radio and television in the country. Was reporter of the Band News Fm Network, in Rio de Janeiro, and the Amazon Network, Rede Globo affiliate in the northern region of Brazil. He also worked as a reporter and presenter of Record Television Network, in Brasília. Today's Educational Radio reporter, RCI presenter and producer for the rule of thirds.

invited – KelliKadanus, 24 years. Is a journalist in the newspaper Gazeta do Povo, writes to the editorship of politics. Formed in 2012. Currently covers the car wash Operation and other issues related to local and national policy.

Guest – Luiz Domingos Costa – Estudante de doutorado em Ciência Política na UFPR. Master's degree in political science from UNICAMP, He holds a Bachelor's degree in social sciences from Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR). He is currently professor at the Centro Universitário UNINTER and the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (PUC-PR). Is a researcher at the Center for research in political sociology Brasileira – UFPR. Has experience in research on political elites, legislative power, political careers and professionalize politics.

Guest – Gui Sales é cantor e compositor. Released their first EP (Totem) at the end of 2014. The EP was produced in Gramophone. Participated in some shows in Curitiba, playing in theaters as the Armory, London theatre and Cultural Gate.

Convidado – Thiago Dalleck é poeta, Designer and photographer. Creator of the blog, over on the subway of São Paulo. Lives in Curitiba since late 2015. He participated in the artistic production and look of the unknown Island disc-Dabliu. Is the producer of the YoutubeSagiquário channel.


Sum Rule 4 -The value of the Party
Local: Home reading Dario Vellozo-Villa Wolf (Garibaldi Square, nº 7)
Date and time: 13 February 2016 (Saturday), às 17h

Free entry.

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