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Imovision announces the debut of its Digital Platform: a BOOKING IMOVISION

The streaming service goes live in April already with more than 250 titles from the IMOVISION collection, beyond unpublished films, exclusive series and lançamentos todas as semanas.

The forecast is to reach 1.000 titles until the end of 2021

IMOVISION has been operating in the cinematographic distribution area for over 30 years, privileging consecrated and awarded works, displayed at festivals do mundo todo

Pre registration: This is the pre-registration link: www.reservaimovision.com.br

March 2021 - With the launch of the digital platform IMOVISION BOOKING, the IMOVISION distributor fulfills an old dream: bring hundreds of films by great masters and rising talents of global cinema to all Brazilians, in the comfort of your homes.

A IMOVISION BOOKING hits the streaming market in April with more than 250 IMOVISION catalog titles, new unpublished acquisitions and selected series. Every week, the platform will debut new content. The forecast is to reach 1.000 titles until the end of 2021. The subscriber will have the chance to see or review fundamental works of cinema that thrill, open new perspectives and make us reflect on the world in which we live.

To platform IMOVISION BOOKING will offer two modalities:

– Subscription - with access to all films on the platform

– Rent - rent any title during 72 hours, without having to be a subscriber

A IMOVISION BOOKING can be accessed by the computer, on television (Smart TV com sistema Android TV, Apple TV or Roku) and through the app, available on iOS or Android.

“It is true that launching a platform is not exactly a novelty, especially now, because of the pandemic. But for me it is an old dream ”, says the president of Imovision and RESERVA IMOVISION, Jean Thomas Bernardini, who wanted to create the platform already in 2017. “In the middle of the process, we were in doubt if it was the right time. At the end of 2019, we decided that the time had come. Thus began the IMOVISION RESERVE, name that embodies the attractive cultural spirit of Reserva Cultural, cinema of our group in São Paulo, e da Imovision.”

Bernardini don't hide anxiety, but you know you have the luggage of 30 years of good cinema to offer, now in new format. “I personally feel like an athlete who will compete in a few days in an Olympic Games: confident and very happy, more cautious. I am sure of the quality of our catalog. Even so, we will need a lot of struggle, creativity and investment. There are already several world competitors operating in Brazil, mas sei que temos condições de atrair uma boa parte dos apreciadores de grandes filmes.”

Among the highlights available at the launch of the platform, are:


Works awarded as THE WHITE RIBBON, by Michael Haneke, IN PIECES, by Fatih Akin, THE MURDERER, by Hou Hsiao-hsien, 120 BEATS PER MINUTE, Robin Campillo, A EMPIRE OF PASSION, de Nagisa Oshima, TWO DAYS, ONE NIGHT and THE BICYCLE GUY, of the Dardenne brothers. Also on the list are productions that caused a sensation, such as LOVE, by Gaspar Noé, and HIROSHIMA MY LOVE, by Alain Resnais.


How the winners of the Golden Bear THE BREAK UP, de Asghar Farhadi, and MATERNAL INSTINCT, by Calin Peter Netzer, and the Silver Bear of actress GLORIA, by Sebastián Lelio, plus titles from two film masters, Jean-Luc Godard (MALE FEMALE) e Alain Resnais (AMAR, DRINK AND SING).


For example, PASOLINI, by Abel Ferrara, POTICHE - TROPHY WIFE, by François Ozon, starring Catherine Deneuve, LOVE, DRUGS AND NEW YORK, who put the Safdie brothers on the radar, and MY LAND AFRICA, by Claire Denis.

  • There are also many Oscar nominees, such as FIRES, by Denis Villeneuve, ALABAMA MONROE, the Felix Van Groeningen, THE EARTH SALT, of Brazilian Juliano Salgado in partnership with Wim Wenders, THE SPIDER WOMAN'S KISS, by Hector Babenco, and TIMBUKTU, by Abderrahmane Sissako.

A IMOVISION BOOKING também traz para os seus assinantes, with exclusivity, as séries inéditas no Brasil THE LUMINARIES and MYSTERIES IN PARIS. THE LUMINARIES, recently launched in the United States, is starring Golden Globe nominated actress Eva Green, Eve Hewson (from Behind Your Eyes, success on Netflix) e Himesh Patel (protagonist of Yesterday, by Danny Boyle, in 2019). A série é baseada no livro de Eleanor Catton, vencedor do Man Booker Prize. MYSTERIES IN PARIS,french series, escrita por Elsa Marpeau, Mathieu Missoffe, antologia em 7 episodes, takes place at the end of the century 19, when there are several murders in known places in the French capital: O Moulin Rouge, the Eiffel Tower, to Opera Garnier, the Vendôme Square, the Louvre Museum, the University of Sorbonne and the Elisha Palace.

In addition to the international series, we will also have produced by Heco Productions and directed by Eugenio Puppo, a série brasileira History of Food in Brazil, Um minucioso levantamento das tradições alimentares brasileiras, fruit of miscegenation between peoples originating in Brazil, of the enslaved African population and the Portuguese, with Luís da Câmara Cascudo's book of the same name, released in 1967 it's composed by 13 episodes.


Present in Brazil for 31 years, to IMOVISION has been consolidating itself as one of the greatest promoters of the best world cinema in Latin America, having released more than 500 movies in Brazil. Created by businessman Jean Thomas Bernardini, the distributor has in its catalog works by renowned foreign and Brazilian directors and award-winning features at the most important film festivals in the world, as Cannes, Venice and Berlin. Keeping your focus on quality titles, to IMOVISION fortified French cinema in Brazil and was responsible for introducing rare cinematographies and expressive international movements to the country, like Iranian Cinema and Dogma 95.

The distributor is the one that most launched French films in Brazil. Are 201 titles throughout their 30 years of existence. A IMOVISION was the pioneer in bringing award-winning productions by French filmmakers to the Brazilian public, such as: L.627 and WHEN IT ALL BEGINS, from Bertrand Tavernier, 8 WOMEN and POTICHE- TROPHY WIFE, from François Ozone; the animations KIRIKU AND THE WIZARD and Vidilili EM PARIS, from Michel Ocelot, beyond THE LITTLE NICOLAU and THE LITTLE NICOLAU VACATION, from LaurentTirard, BETWEEN THE SCHOOL WALLS and TOWARDS THE SOUTH, from Laurent Cantet, and THE SECRET OF THE GRAIN and BLUE IS THE HOTTEST COLOR, from AbdellatifKechiche.


A BOOKING IMOVISION gathers in a single platform a good part of the IMOVISION distributor's catalog, with more than 250 movies already at its launch, unpublished features and new acquisitions, plus exclusive series. Every week, the subscriber will have new content.

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