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Karin Cagy opens her first individual that addresses “ageismo” and feminism – day 21/09, at Solar de Botafogo

Beautiful See”

Individual by Karin Cagy at Solar de Botafogo addresses ageism with paintings of strong women in libertarian situations

Karin Cagy has in her DNA the free and fearless posture portrayed on the screens of her first individual, “Beautiful View”, that opens the day 21 September at the Vertical Gallery of the Solar Cultural Center of Botafogo, curated by Alexandre Murucci. Coming from a family of strong women, his show is the result of the existential and professional turn that was confirmed in the sabbatical period during the pandemic, when she took on her cultivated artistic persona from her youth. As a great differential of its thematic investigation, their characters are women in the range from the 60/70 years, almost always presented in unexpected protagonisms. In your pictorial universe, the figures chosen by the artist show themselves to be the owners of their paths and choices, contradicting stereotypes and restrictions naturalized by western society, who, despite being increasingly open to confronting ageism, still maintains the cult of youth as its greatest economic and symbolic asset. The exhibition runs until the day 19 of October and gathers about 20 medium format works, using oil and acrylic paint techniques, in a “cupcake” palette, docile colors that contrast with the attitude of their characters.

“I have always drawn women. always very feminist. My research in painting on 'ageism', a prejudice that hits the female sex more forcefully, is where I feel my work has the most to connect people. And the image I have of older women comes from my mother and grandmother, who have always been active and potent, full of life – is my parameter. I can't imagine myself any other way and this is how I intend to grow old. Why getting old has to be ugly, be expressionless?”, says Karin Cagy.

“Beau Voir” in the curator's words

“Presenting a series of works that talk about issues dear to her sensitivity and that involve the female universe, your women are strong, fearless, amazing.

Fruit of his atelier dynamics in the last 3 years, the exhibition 'Beau Voir' plays with its linguistic meanings, by being freely translated as something beautiful to see, certainly a counterpoint when we are faced with the prevailing aesthetic status quo, at the same time it is an expression of affirmation and conviction in the French language, and flirts with the existentialist muse Simone de Beauvoir, author of the book Capital of Feminism – “the second sex” (The Second Sex) published in 1949, one of the most celebrated and important works for the movement, analyzing the female condition in the sexual spheres, psychological, social and political. Karin Cagy chooses a sympathetic look at a woman in her immediate surroundings – family, friends and people from the professional universe as a designer and fashion creator, where he worked for three decades, and where these aspects are treated with the rawness and drama of an inhospitable and imposing body culture, and, even though it's not your current place of speech, lies on your horizon latently, in anguish and expectations of their place in the world, which she transforms into liberating poetry by creating free ladies and masters of their destinies. really beautiful to see!”

Alexander Murucci, august 2022.

About Karin Cagy's trajectory

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With the drawing present in his life since he was 5 years old, Karin Cagy already ministered to 18 years, Silk Painting classes at Club Med. He studied Living Model at Parque Lage with Astrea El Jaick and Gianguido Bonfante and, later, Industrial Design at the Faculty of City and Fashion at the Candido Mendes University. With extensive experience in the fashion industry, where he worked for more than two decades, maintained a party dress atelier, in front of a great team. During this period where he designed the models, managed the process and made all kinds of hand embroidery, in exclusive and unique pieces, his dynamics in art became the basis of his work in fashion. But in 2018, Karin realigned her artistic investigation and returned to the Parque Lage School of Visual Arts, having as teachers Luiz Ernesto, Bruno Miguel e Charles Watson, returning to painting in a visceral and fruitful way.


“Beautiful See” – artist Karin Cagy questions ageism with strong women in unexpected roles

Curated By: Alexander Murucci

Opening: day 21 September, on wednesday, at 19h

Local: Solar Cultural Center of Botafogo – Vertical gallery

Address: General Street Polidoro, 180 – Botafogo – Rio de Janeiro

Visitation: Day 22 September to 19 October 2022

Time: see theater schedule (visits can be scheduled at free time) 

Rating: free

Free entrance

Contact: @karincagy

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