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Book "The Park" de Kildary Costa. Disclosure.
Book "The Park" de Kildary Costa. Disclosure.

Kildary Costa debuts in literature with book “The Park”

The work by Cearense was published in February by Grupo Editorial Coerência

Kildary Costa, public servant of the judiciary sector, debuted in literature with “A Parca”, livro lançado em fevereiro deste ano pela Plus+, seal of Editorial Group Coherence. The work narrates Persephone embarking on a journey with her brother and friends to discover what exists in the afterlife., but the protagonist goes through a process of self-knowledge as she enters a new world.

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Inspired not Fantastic Realism, the author explores an enigmatic story with supernatural touches on loss, memory, family and thoughts about the permanence of life and the ephemerality of death.

“The Park” is for sale on the publisher's website, Shopee and in the biggest bookstores in Brazil.

Synopsis: Perséfone não tem nem vinte anos, but already lived a great tragedy. Or better, two. Bewildered by the sudden deaths of her sister and father, joins your brother, Dionysus, and your friends, who speculate about what exists in the afterlife, and begins to unravel the secrets of communication with the souls of the deceased. Amidst memories, dreams and rediscoveries, Persephone begins a journey of self-knowledge as she enters a new world, strangely familiar, where our stories are created, realizing that the fate of everyone he meets is intertwined and that the world itself may be at risk. After all, who traced these paths?

About the author: Kildary Costa was born in Fortaleza in 1977, and graduated in law from the federal university of Ceará. Public server, lived a few years in Amazonas, and then in Piauí. Avid reader since childhood, decided to write his first novel, The Park, from personal experiences. Currently resides in Teresina, with wife and child.

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