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Mundane artivist licks are spread across 25 points of São Paulo

In celebration of 469 years of the city of São Paulo, artists, Collectives and influencers came together to draw attention to the plight of Indian people in Brazil. Visibility that becomes even more urgent with the humanitarian tragedy experienced by the Yanomami, in the amazon.


A series of actions were designed to shed light on violence against indigenous peoples, erased from the official history of São Paulo and Brazil. The traditional version of the founding of the metropolis suggests a peaceful coexistence with the indigenous peoples.. surveys show, However, that the relationship was quite conflicted and with bloodshed.

on the initiative, the capital of são paulo won 25 licks spread across various parts of the city, like Sacomã, Barra Funda and Cidade Tiradentes. The posters were put up by artists and art collectives, like micha, Carina Melo, Carolina Itza, Score, André Firmiano from the Hulk. One of the works was placed precisely in a building on Rua da Consolação, center of Sao Paulo, where Father José de Anchieta is portrayed catechizing indigenous children. A counterpoint to the narratives about the founding of the city.


The licks reproduce the image created by the artivist Mundano of the indigenous Ari Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau, died in april 2020, in Rondônia. the gable, the 618m2, was painted on the side of a building on Rua Quintino Bocaiúva, a few meters from the Sé Cathedral, center of Sao Paulo. Score, which today houses the city's Ground Zero. The site was chosen because it was originally indigenous territory, engaged in a process of expulsion and massacre of indigenous peoples. The painting by Ari Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau is a reinterpretation of the painting Bananal, of Lasar Segall. The great mural of the warrior Ari was made with earth taken from Marco Zero and mixed with ashes from the burning of the Amazon.

The emblematic struggle of the Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau people is the theme of the film “The Territory”, which won two awards at the Sundance Festival, and has the executive production signature of the activist and indigenous Txai Suruí, that with just 24 years is one of the voices of the current generation that reinforces the indigenous struggle and became the only Brazilian to speak on the stage of COP-26.


“The erasure of indigenous peoples from our history is part of the genocide process that began more than 500 years and persists to this day, as the image of Ari Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau reminds us. Stopping this genocide is urgent. This is a question of humanitarian and climate justice. It is the forests and their guardians that guarantee the stability of the climate in Brazil, which includes the very survival of the city of São Paulo”, warns the Mundane artivist.

The posters also have a QRcode, that directs the user to the campaign Standing Amazon. A petition that aims to create a popular initiative law allocating the 57 million hectares of public forests in the Amazon to protect indigenous peoples, Maroons, small extractive producers and Conservation Units, in addition to providing for greater criminalization for land theft, the land grabbing. The law has become even more urgent with the degradation of the forest and the encroachment of Yanomami reserves., that led to the calamity we witness today.

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In a parallel action, influencers and personalities like Cazé, director and screenwriters Estela Renner and singer Felipe Flip participated in a guided tour in downtown São Paulo, which passed through the Pateo do Colégio to the Catedral da Sé and ended at the panel, and shared videos on social networks that highlight indigenous territories and struggles as part of the history of São Paulo. An initiative to insert the work and narrative of native peoples into the tourist itinerary of the capital of São Paulo.

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“History is full of cities that were wiped off the map by environmental factors and São Paulo could be one of them. The fate of São Paulo is linked to the fate of the indigenous peoples of Brazil.”, Mundane ends.

The collage of the lambes was made between the days 22 and 25 January. Check out the list of artists involved below.:

  • Micah
  • Carina Mello
  • Mary Moon
  • Carolina Itza
  • Let's go
  • Barbara Goy
  • Than Akina
  • Not enough
  • Carol Simó
  • Underneath
  • Score
  • Crazy
  • Felipe Laughter
  • Thiago Monster
  • Filite
  • Rasmoke
  • Pedro Frazão
  • 3eyesight
  • Slim Rimografia
  • Claudinei Monteiro
  • Hot
  • Attila
  • Carol Simó
  • Everaldo Cost

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