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Illustrative picture. Photo: Pixabay.
Illustrative picture. Photo: Pixabay.

Launch: book tells the backstage of the pilgrimages in honor of Nossa Senhora da Agonia, in Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Will be released next day 5 of August an unpublished book that talks about one of the Portuguese traditions: the pilgrimage in honor of Our Lady of Agony. The work, entitled “Festas D’Agonia – Viana do Castelo – For Brazilians and Luso-descendants” will be presented by the author, journalist Igor Lopes, and the Secretary of State for the Sea, Jose Maria Costa, at 18h, at the Municipal Library of Viana do Castelo, in the Couto Viana room.


the ceremony, led by the mayor of Viana de Castelo, Luís Nobre, preface author, will also count on the remote participation of Ambassador João Ribeiro de Almeida, president of Camões – Institute for Cooperation and Language, I.P., who will talk about the author.

There will also be participation, online, of the Secretary of State for the Portuguese Communities, Paulo Cafôfo, and the Portuguese Ambassador to Brazil, Luís Faro Ramos.

The work, written in the book-report format and which was supported by the Municipality of Viana do Castelo, count with 260 pages looking for, according to the author, “to approach the backstage of what is considered the Pilgrimage of Pilgrimages in Portugal for the Brazilian and Portuguese-descendant public spread around the world”.

“In the heart of the Portuguese Diaspora, much is said at the Feasts of Agony, although, few descendants or lovers of Portugal have the opportunity to get to know this grandiose festivity that moves the Alto Minho region and the country up close.. Even those who know the party have no idea of ​​its organizational content, the plurality of its programming and its importance in promoting Portuguese culture, specifically from Alto-Minho, and the effort made to internationalize the traditions, the potential and image of Viana do Castelo”, said Ígor Lopes, who also highlighted that this new literary work stands out for being the result of “an in-depth investigation of the names and entities that make the party happen”, commented.

The book explains the symbology and objectives of each point of the program of this Festival, praises the religious aspect around Nossa Senhora da Agonia and the animation of the days of celebration and gives voice to those who are connected behind the scenes of this initiative that has the presence of thousands of visitors.

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The book also shows the work towards sustainability and the vision of its managers for the future, in addition to deciphering, a little more, the main nooks and crannies of this “charming” city, owner of a historic center rich in details and with a great emotional proximity to the Lima River.

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“This is yet another contribution to bringing Brazil and Portugal closer together and to valuing the Portuguese and Portuguese-descendant communities residing in various corners of the planet., which is why I am very grateful to the local authority for their support and trust”, finished Ígor Lopes.

The book “Festas D’Agonia – Viana do Castelo – For Brazilians and Luso-descendants” can be purchased during its launch and also ordered via the author’s email: igor.lopes@agenciaincomparaveis.com or through the social networks of this: @ÍgorLopes. The work is sent to all countries.

Igor Lopes. Photo: Disclosure / MF Global Press.
Igor Lopes. Photo: Disclosure / MF Global Press.

About Igor Lopes

Igor Lopes is a Portuguese-Brazilian journalist, Doctoral candidate in Communication Sciences and Master in Communication and Journalism.. Specialist in Social Media and Community Management, Specialist in Digital Marketing and Contemporary Media Communication.

He is also CEO of Unparalleled Agency, writer and social media between Brazil and Portugal.

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