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Leandro Chagas says that “Diaspora” was inspired by MMORPG games

Amazon launches New World trailer; Discover “Diaspora”, Leandro Chagas' book, that was inspired by the MMORPG games

O lançamento de New World, Amazon in MMORPG, is finally approaching after a long time announced. With anxiety beating, players will be happy to know that the national author Leandro chagas revelou recentemente que seu livro de estreia, "Diaspora", had plot worked on the MMO games.

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The author of 26 years signed, recently, contrato com o Editorial Group Coherence e aos poucos se prepara para o lançamento de Diaspora, a High Fantasy book that marks the beginning of a literary saga. Prevented from consuming fantasy stories as a child due to his father's rigidity, found comfort and freedom within libraries and, of course, nos MMOs.

“If it weren't for the time I spent playing MMOs, I don't think I would have written anything ”, highlights Leandro. The title tells the story of Trizno, an apprentice of the most powerful magicians in the kingdom, who uses ancient magic to escape hundreds of soldiers after being accused of murdering his masters and stealing legendary weapons. Being taken to another world, realizes that he lost the relics he stole from the kingdom and finds out that the people of this new civilization were waiting for his arrival. The character needs to delve into his past, but the search for the truth costs a lot of blood.

Grande fã de Time, Aion, Blade & Soul and Wow, o autor de "Diaspora" aguarda ansioso pelo lançamento de New World. With the launch of the beta version for 20 July this year, o novo jogo da Amazon traz muita ação e inovação nos combates entre monstros e criaturas. “I really enjoy starting new games”, says Leandro Chagas, which admits to analyzing in advance the conditions necessary on your computer to run the games at the launch of new MMOs. He continues: “It's like a book, you start to venture out and discover an incredible world you don’t want to leave ”.

Asked about the similarities between "Diaspora" e os MMOs, Leandro chagas diz que as classes de personagens se aventuram em missões e objetivos complexos que precisam de muita dedicação para superá-los.

Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game or MMORPG is a game genre that allows players to create characters in a virtual and dynamic world. It's a fusion of multiplayer games with RPGs (Role Playing Games).

This time, "Diaspora" está em produção editorial e tem previsão de lançamento para julho de 2021, along with New World.

Synopsis: After being accused of murdering his masters, Trizno - an apprentice of the most powerful magicians in the kingdom - steals legendary weapons, relics of the beginning of time, and sets up a group to oppose the monarchy. One night, surrounded by hundreds of soldiers seeking to recover the stolen relics, the only way to escape is to use the oldest known magic, to Diaspora, that takes him and his friends to an unknown land. In the new world, Trizno loses the relics he stole from the kingdom, but meets people who have been waiting for centuries for your arrival, because they need to prepare you to face your destiny, However, what they ask for is madness and he has no intention of following. With these people, Trizno discovers inconsistencies in his memories, realizing that many are nothing but lies. Not to lose your friends, looking for the lost weapons to be able to return home, because they are one of the prerequisites for your return. Without knowing who it was or having a notion of who it is, Trizno understands that the only way to build a future is to dive into his dreaded past to find the reason for the change in his memories. In the search for truth, the young man wonders how far he is willing to dig in his story, because the risk increases with each recalled memory and the price of those memories starts to demand payment in blood.

About the author: Leandro Pontes Chagas se graduou em Fisioterapia pela Universidade Federal de Alfenas, where he produced scientific papers for national and international events. Created Tales of Izyncor for his brothers and friends, resulting in the saga initiated by Diaspora. Musician, he lives in Mariana-MG, where cares for that Apollo (your dog) do not devour the two cats, serves as a physiotherapist and is a columnist for a regional newspaper. Loves to gain prestige, the chocolate, but do not deny the admiration.

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