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Book "Educate Challenge - Volume 2". Disclosure.

Book highlights importance of education for a better world

Show that each family is unique and that education is the best way to get good results. That is the message conveyed by the book "Challenge Educate - Volume 2 - Education is the basis for a better world!”. With editorial coordination of psychologist and lecturer Livia Marques, the work as a whole with account 24 co-authors of the health and education areas.

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In order to author, the main idea is to work the education of children and adolescents as well as possible with love, dialogue, empathy and compassion to establish a healthy relationship and tuned.

– Socially, we seem to have a pattern or a cake recipe stating that to err is inadmissible. Therefore, we seek also cherish the heart adult, that sometimes gets tired and unsure what to do about the education of their - highlights.

Livia explains that the work you want to chat with the direct and assertive player showing that one should not think of violence as a way to educate. "We talk a lot about emotion and positive education".

– also we address issues such as racism, limiting beliefs, the teenager and mourning, as pedagogy can and should contribute to the growth of these individuals, Deficit Disorder Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (TDAH), bullying, among others. - Livia talks.

The idea of ​​the new volume appeared in 2018, Year book launch Educating Challenges volume 1. "I realized we had a lot more to develop. Show more. And, for example, simple exercises you can do at home and in schools. "

– In this issue, We speak and show exercises for dealing with our dysfunctional beliefs. Discussed on emotions, which in many cases they are seen as negative and are hidden. We spoke also of the possibilities of being together for something greater - concludes.

Book: Challenge Educate - Volume 2 - Education is the basis for a better world!
Publisher: conquest Publisher
ISBN: 978 85 5765 032 9
Pages: 232
Price: R$ 50,00
to buy:
Direct to www.instagram.com/psicol.liviamarques or by phone (21) 997136690

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