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Book celebrates the beauty and the desires of life

Writer, that has been a finalist for the Jabuti award, exudes sensuality
without the use of old cliches in new work

Capa do Livro "Cadela Prateada" de Líria Porto. Foto: Divulgação.

Book Cover “Silver Dog” de Líria Port. Photo: Disclosure.

Through words, present feelings that convey sensuality, beauty and pleasure for life. This is essence of the poems of Paul's port in his new book "Silver Dog". With lightness and intensity, without fear or trembling, the naked poet your wishes and thoughts over the old clichés using as inspiration the light of the silvery Moon.

Published by Penalux, the work aims to pass the reader the worldview of the author. Far from being cold and dry, the poetry of Paul's Harbor deep and subtle lyricism exhales, without any sticky melodrama or expressions "beats", to reveal the truths of the world, as the importance of love and sex for the life of any person.

The critic, writer and poet Paulo Bentancur, author's preface, points out that Paul's poetry is nothing shy and still manages to convey the debauchery that didn't give up of the soul and a lyricism that intense does not erase the trail of fire in us spreads.

For publishers Tonho France and Wilson Gorj, the writer can expose, through well-chosen words, the beauty of the world and the hereafter in detail, without timidity or simple stillness. According to them, Líria puts all his cards on the table, through images and surrealistic metaphors unthinkable. "All of this wretched way, sexy, light and deep ".

About the author:

Líria port is Professor, poet, two books published in Portugal (Leafless and Butterfly Moon) and two in Brazil (Bird wing and Camp-Jabuti Award finalist 2015). Author of the blog so much Sea, participates in multiple sites, newspapers and magazines on the internet, among them Suicidal Writers, Germinating Literature, Zunái, Blocks Online, Considerations of the poem, Perfect poetry and Mallarmargens. Resides in Araxá, Minas Gerais.


Title: Silver Dog
Author: Líria Port
Publication: 2016
Size: 14x21cm
Pages: 108 p
Price: R$32,00

Link to buy:



Capa e verso do Livro "Cadela Prateada" de Líria Porto. Foto: Divulgação.

Front and back of the Book “Silver Dog” de Líria Port. Photo: Disclosure.

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