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Ellen Moraes Senra the Gizeli Hermano, book cover. Photo: Disclosure.

Book talks about the importance of self-love

Connect women and their stories as a way to promote emotional regulation and increased self-esteem. This is the book proposal Autoamor, with the coordination of copyright psychologists Ellen Moraes Senra and Gizeli Hermano. The work includes analysis 21 experts who aim to work out the importance of empathy between women and show that they are not alone in their pain or love.

The psychologist Ellen explains that "autoamor" is not only self-esteem, but includes self-love, generosity, empathy, love and all that to come back strong female figures that are so charged by society. "Always seen as strongholds, and often, we are prevented from showing our weaknesses, as if we had to show the 'super' at all times'.

Women suffering

To ela, one of the reasons the work was to discuss why so many people mutilated in favor of a standard tax, not to mention the cases of women being battered, abused and believe they deserve to go through it.

The expert also reminds mothers who suffer because they think they do not do enough or relationship ends that take away self-love. "We need to find the necessary understanding to understand that emotions are fleeting and that depends on us to take the first step towards the Autoamor revolution".

– To worsen, we see a great rivalry among women, when they can support each other. Why do we attack and point defects in each other when we know that all of us have been exactly the same position or will be some day? - questions the psychologist.

mutual acceptance

The co-author says the book is intended for all women: mothers, wives, daughters, donas home, businesswomen, entrepreneurial, domestic and other. To ela, the work of the hearts of each of, in order to provide an exchange of experience, host, self-knowledge and, mainly, change in order to combat all kinds of stereotype.

– If the reader has already started the journey of autoamor, we hope to contribute to remain firm in it. But if you have not already done, we hope that this material will serve as a momentum to find the inner motivation of each one can bring about a revolution of love every day more – concludes.

book Autoamor
authorial coordination: Ellen Moraes Senra the Gizeli Hermano
Pages: 178 pages
Price: R$ 59,90
Publisher: Publisher Conquest
Link to buy the book: www.conquistaeditora.com.br

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