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Book & quot; The secret silence of love" by Álvaro Alves de Faria and Denise Emmer, cover - featured. Disclosure.
Book "The secret silence of love" by Álvaro Alves de Faria and Denise Emmer, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Book shows that love overcomes dark times

Show that love is capable of winning even in arid times that dry the tears of sensitivity. It is with this theme that the consecrated poets Álvaro Alves de Faria and Denise Emmer launch their newest poetry book “O secreto silêncio do amor” (Publisher Penalux, 2021).

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In the work, Love is seen in a unique and singular way by the authors who weave in their verses the chords of desire. In 42 well-sung and narrated poems, they present the power of the arrows of Eros that tear the souls and the two beings that correspond by means of letters. Through lyricism, poets present desire as the search for an encounter, the intertwining of two lives that touch each other through the labyrinth of poeticity.

The preface is signed by the writer, translator and editor Thereza Christina Rocque da Motta, that analyzes the work from the perspective of letters exchanged between issuer and recipient, citing excerpts for the understanding of the communication between two beings touched by Love. The work also shows that Love has its setbacks, the paradoxical side, bringing together, in the poetic image, the dream and the tearing of flesh and spirit.

Alvaro, for example, in some verses, brings us to the unknown and mysterious dimension of this feeling, that attacks us subtly, as shown in the verses: “Then be inside you to feel more,/so much more that I don't know the way back,/so much more and so deeply / to feel myself being part of your body ”.

Denise reaffirms, with your own voice, the silence and the silent language of that feeling mor. The book also shows the original and differentiated speeches of men and women, that are touched by the power of Eros in bringing the minds and bodies of the lover and the beloved closer together, as presented in the verses: "At your side I am a woman with birds in her skirts / As we walk in a park where you will be the night // And I the naked night that opens / In some distant and starry bed".

About the authors:

Poet and musician, Denise Emmer won the awards ABL of Poetry (2009); José Marti UNESCO, lifetime achievement; APCA de poetry; Olavo Bilac (ABL); PEN Club do Brasil of poetry and romance; among others. He published twenty-one books, of which seventeen are poetry, three novels and one of short stories. Participated in relevant anthologies of Brazilian poetry, such as 41 poets from Rio (MInC), Anthology of New Brazilian Poetry (Ed. Hipocampo), Poetry Always (Fundação Biblioteca Nacional), Rio – São Paulo poetic bridge (Ed. 7letters), as well as the California College of the at Eleven Eleven Magazines (USA), Newspaper Surreal Poets, (USA) and Revista da Poesia, Metin Cengiz (Turkey), Create in Salamanca Magazine (Spain), translated by Alfredo Pérez Alencart.

Journalist, poet, theater author and writer, Álvaro Alves de Faria conquistou os prêmios Poetry and Freedom Alceu Amoroso Lima (RJ, 2018), lifetime achievement; Guilherme de Almeida Poetry Award (2019, SP), lifetime achievement, Jabuti Award (1976 and 1983) as a literary critic and for his role in favor of the book in cultural journalism and still, for the same reason, three times the APCA SPECIAL (1981, 1988 and 1989). Has more than 60 books published in Brazil, including novels and literary essays, beyond 22 books published in Portugal, eight in Spain and one in Italy. It was the initiator, in the years of 1960, of the movement of public poetry recitals in São Paulo. He performed nine recitals on site and was detained five times by the Dops, accused of subversion.

GENUS: poetry | FORMAT: 14X21 | YEAR: 2021 | PAGES: 86| Pólen soft 80G | Value: R$ 38,00

Link to purchase the book: www.editorapenalux.com.br/loja/o-secreto-silencio-do-amor

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