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Books brought together by the Editorial Coherence Group. Disclosure.
Books brought together by the Editorial Coherence Group. Disclosure.

Coronavirus pandemic books (COVID-19)

Meet some authors and their works inspired by the Coronavirus pandemic

Going against the current situation of the publishing market, research shows that sales of physical and digital books have grown by about 50% since April - which can give a softening to the scenario - in addition to the readings, renowned and independent authors started publishing works inspired by the pandemic caused by the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), be they fictional, nonfiction, chronic, anyway, what is not lacking for the Brazilian reader is literary content to be entertained during the quarantine.

Below, some tips from works and authors for you to know:

In the field of nonfiction, every five years the American Central Intelligence Agency, to CIA, releases several reports on what to expect from the world for years to come, these documents are gathered in a single book to alert the population of possible scenarios in the coming months, in editing 2005 they were predicted to have a contagious flu that started, probably, in Asian or Arab countries due to the high consumption of wild animals. The book scheduled for release in December 2020 by Editorial Group Coherence has the introduction of renowned journalist Heródoto Barbeiro.

Also working on the possibilities of the future, the book “The post-pandemic world: reflections on a new life ”, gathers reflections of great personalities, like Marcelo Adnet, Pedro Bial and Mary Del Priore, on the influences of COVID-19 in the world.

Already in fiction, national authors were inspired by the period of social isolation, is the case of Maurizio Ruzzi and his “Quarantine: Isolated Tales ”, that shows through different tales how life imitates fiction. Until now, “Quarantine” is considered the first literary work inspired by the current pandemic published in Brazil.

The quarantine caused a very sudden change in our routines and sensations, therefore, it is very common to be feeling like one of the characters of “The hosts of death”, by F.C. Edwin - who doesn't talk about flu, But yes, about contagious infections that cause quarantines, a story that seems to have come out of Stephen King's books.

In addition, in moments of seclusion, taking care of mental health has never been more important, in “Diário da Quarentena”, de Daniela Goes, we see the world through the eyes of an isolated person, like us.

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