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Maiori Casa sponsors the exhibition “From Thread to Thread – the Brazilian Textile Heritage of 22 a 22” at FAAP

Event marks the Brazilian textile tradition with works and tributes to important artists in the segment

Art is present in everything! When we talk about decoration, she can be in all elements, floor to ceiling, even on the carpets. That's what shows exhibition “From Thread to Thread – the Brazilian Textile Heritage of 22 a 22”, presented by World Textil Art (WTA) supplementing 25 years of life.


Curated by Denise Mattar, Eva Soban and John Ojea, the project aims to show the important Brazilian textile heritage, tracing a historical panorama that begins in the Week of Modern Art. Thus, she will bring a set with 30 textile works by several contemporary artists and will honor three exponents of the segment, in addition to paying tribute to the location chosen to host the show: the Museum of Brazilian Art at FAAP.

The Maiori House, brand specializing in handmade rugs and high performance fabrics, is one of the sponsors of the event. In the quest to get closer and closer to textile art, the company offers its experience in the market. It will promote guided tours for guests with the participation, an extraordinary journey through chronology.


The tour of the exhibition is a true experience of this world full of surprises. Divided into three cores, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the universe of textile productions through history. in the first two, tributes to representative names of the segment, Norberto Nicola, Jacques Douchez and Regina Graz can be seen. On the third, a collective with 26 contemporary artists presents new works that use fiber as a source of inspiration.

“De Fio a Fio” intends to, with your research and collection, transform people's view of artisanal tapestry techniques. Instead of home space, which is commonly associated, the current production connects to the experimentation processes carried out in the Bauhaus weaving studio. The German school of avant-garde art has resulted in pieces that play with new patterns and colors. These works speak to other areas, frequent use of lines, needles, fabrics or textile techniques in the production.



Opening: 20 October (Thursday) at 19h

Period: 21 October to 04 of december

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Closed on Tuesdays

Local: Brazilian Art Museum – MAB FAAP

Alagoas Street, 903 -Higienópolis

About Maiori Casa

Belonging to the GC Group, to Maiori House is a brand specialized in high performance rugs and fabrics, focused on serving tenants in the premium market. Since 2015, the company offers excellence in service combined with innovation, featuring timeless collections that bring together design, good taste, style and quality. Maiori Casa has an extensive range of pieces manufactured and developed by artisans from different countries., such as Turkey, Egypt, China and India. Each product carries a little bit of history, translating his vision and passion for the world of decoration.

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