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Small: Léa Michaan's debut book is marked by parallel stories that meet

Psychoanalyst Léa Michaan brings reflections on “Maly”, title that promises to captivate the reader from the first page

Released in 2011, the psychoanalyst's book Lea Michaan, "Small", aims to reveal resources to resignify life as a whole. With the purpose of captivating the reader right at the beginning of the story, the psychoanalyst's debut title is marked by parallel stories that meet, in a mix of suspense, Mystery, emotion and action.

A author, who studied Anthropology and Philosophy in New York, she is a psychologist and gives recurrent lectures on the art of being a mother, relationships and feelings. Recently started a series of short videos with tips on Instagram, encouraging the mental health of your readers.

In the book, the main character, Small, search for answers, as its name derived from Hebrew words indicates ー MA (which) e LY (for me) ー, which means “what is mine?”. The essence of the characters intertwine them and, together, seek reasons for life issues. The book takes place on the paradisiacal beaches of the Island of Capri, Italy, and to fan the reader, the central idea of ​​the story is that nothing is certain.

"Small" can be found on Amazon and on the author's website..

Watch the Booktrailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v = JZwmJKh0V8s
Author's website: leamichaan.com.br
Amazon: www.amazon.com.br/Maly-Léa-Michaan/dp/8561977299

Synopsis: Maly is a novel with an exciting narrative, that captivates and intrigues from the first to the last page. Maly is the union of two Hebrew words - MA (which) e LY (for me). As in Hebrew there are no verbs to be and to be in the present tense, Maly can be translated in two ways: “what is for me?” or “what's mine?”. This is the essence of the central characters of a consistent plot, that presents the intertwined lives of Maly and Pietro; “people” that seek to give vent to the basic questions of life. Maly lost all the people she loved and had to learn to count on you, becoming a woman who developed emotional resources to reframe her own life. Pietro, despite feeling comfortable with the life he leads, goes out in search of the mystery that surrounds its origins. While Maly searches for the answers within herself, Pietro undertakes an external search to unravel the mystery that surrounds his ancestors. Each investigates the unknown side of one's being; both discover the illusions that permeate personal searches. They discover that they are just a small link in an immense chain that started long before birth.

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