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MAR is a child's place by Adriane Constante

MAR is a child's place by Adriane Constante

Party at the Art Museum of Rio will have free workshops, teatro e samba, treasure hunts and distribution of cotton candy, Popcorn, Popsicle and clown nose, to celebrate Children's Day.

11 and 12 October - Stilts

Free admission to all activities and exhibitions

MAR is a child's place. And, to celebrate their day, the Art Museum of Rio will make a great party with many free activities. In addition to exhibits on display, there will be workshops - samba, circus and origami -, treasure hunt, theater and distribution of popcorn, Popsicle, cotton candy and clown nose on stilts. Visitors will also record the moment in a fun photo booth, that will be printed on time and also sent directly to the responsible Facebook.

MAR is a child's place - Art Museum of Rio

On Saturday (11), programming begins at 11am, with a workshop Samba Boy pile group to tell the story of one of the most famous rhythms of Brazilian popular music. Às 14h, boys and girls are invited to experience circus techniques that unite agility, balance and concentration. Already at 16.30 come into play actors and clowns collective Anonymous, taking turns in a sequence of scenes full of playful elements. On this day, the street in front of the SEA will be closed and there will be stalls selling food and drink of the Harmony Fair.

O domingo (12) will be filled with educational activities undertaken by the museum especially to celebrate Children's Day. Às 14h, small visitors leave the premises of SEA on a treasure hunt, taking as its starting point the ladder located on the fifth floor of the School Look. At the same time the workshop happens Cosmic Bodies, that uses circus moves to new positions and propose ways to explore the environments. Já às 14h30, the work "Library of deception", the artist Walmore Corrêa, serves as inspiration for the creation of origami.

During the days of the feast MAR is a child's place exposures will have free entry. Currently on display are the exhibitions Valongo the favela: Imaginário and suburbs, Three: Football, culture and adversities of the Caatinga, Pororoca – A Amazônia no MAR, There are schools that are cages and there are schools that are wings and Rio Machado de Assis, that promote a tour of the center points cited in the author's work. The celebration is part of the project Museum as a place for small children, that seeks to develop strategies for exploiting museological spaces for children under six.

The Museu de Arte do Rio

The MAR is a space dedicated to art and visual culture. Installed in Praca Maua, occupies two adjacent buildings: an older, lying and eclectic style, which houses the exhibition hall; another younger, Modernist, Look where the school's work. The architectural design unites the two buildings with a fluid concrete cover, which refers to a wave - a trademark of the Museum -, and a ramp, where visitors come to the exhibition spaces.

O MAR, an initiative of City of Rio in partnership with Roberto Marinho Foundation, have activities that involve collecting, registration, search, preservation and return of cultural property to the community. Proactive support space education and culture, the Museum was born with a school - the School Look -, whose proposal is innovative museological: foster the development of an educational program of reference for actions in Brazil and abroad, combining art and education from the curatorial program that guides the institution.

The Museum has Grupo Globo, to Voucher and the Itaú master as sponsors and support State Government of Rio de Janeiro e do Ministry of Culture, by Federal Law for Promotion of Culture. The management is left to the Instituto Odeon, a private association, nonprofit, whose mission is to promote citizenship and the social and educational development through realization of cultural projects.

Service SEA - SEA is a child's place

Entrance: Free.


Saturday (11) - 11am Workshop Samba Boy group, 14h office Circus, at 16h Anonymous Theater.

Sunday (12) - 14h treasure hunt and Cosmic Bodies, 14H30 Origami office of deception.

Schedule of exhibitions: Das 10h às 17h. For more info, contact by phone (55 21) 3031-2741 or visit www.museudeartedorio.org.br.

Address: Praca Maua, 5 - Center. Check the map:


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