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Maria dos Anjos “A heart filled with art” by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti is Art Columnist.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is Art Columnist.

In this respect, present to you the artist and curator of national and international art shows Mary of the Angels Abrantes Marques de Oliveira, stage name and known in the market as Mary of the Angels Oliveira.

Mary of the Angels in addition to being an artist and curator, highly respected among the arts, is a fantastic human being with a heart and greater generosity she. It is recognized as discoverer of new talent, giving opportunity in shows under his curatorship, in Brazil, and abroad.

Today it is dedicated almost exclusively to the development of cultural projects, Therefore it like other artists.

Also owns and director of “Anjos Art Gallery” in São Paulo / SP.

Maria dos Anjos ProfileMary of the Angels is plastic artist, gallerist and cultural producer, Nisa was born in Portugal.

In 1959 moved to Brazil and together with their parents, he moved to Sao Paulo.

She is director of the Cultural Department and exchanges with Portuguese Speaking Countries of the House of Portugal in S. Paulo, Lusiada Academy member of Literature and Arts Sciences.

In Portugal is a member of the National Society of Fine Arts and Founding Member of the Brazilian Luso - Lisbon.

He is Vice President Deputy Madeira Art Biennale International Art Biennale and Malta to Brazil and Vice President of the Tempra Academy - London.

Has extensive experience in the cultural area. Responsible for Cultural and programming part of the Art House Gallery Portugal. - São Paulo / SP, having performed in recent years, dozens of exhibitions of Brazilian artists, Portuguese and other nationalities, in that cultural space and other national and international reputation.

In 1993 participated and coordinated the project “Portugal-Japan , Navigated seas” under the auspices of the Committee of the Discoveries - Lisbon , showing work 50 artists descendants of Portuguese and Japanese , at the Museum of FAAP - Sao Paulo. In 2005, promoted 8 exhibitions of Brazilian artists in Portugal, individual and collective. In 2006, I undertook the Biennial Watercolor Brazilian in Portugal, the Municipal Art Gallery in Abrantes and shows “Luso Brazilian contemporary art” with the participation of 76 artists, Culture and Congress Centre is not “The Medical”, the city of Porto - Portugal. In 2007 and under the curatorship, promoted 4 international exhibitions in various Portuguese and Spanish cities, highlighting the strong S. Francisco-Chaves-Portugal. In 2008, accompanied the Brazilian delegation to the Biennial of Madeira and Malta, of which is Vice President. In 2009 as in previous years, promoted several cultural projects in Portugal, highlighting “Sunday clothing” in Abrantes-Portugal. In 2010 and under the coordination and curation, performs another important project, launches Brazilian Portuguese Yearbook of Art, book where reproduces the work of 115 artists of various nationalities and residents of the Lusophone Countries, to 3 February 2011. Also this year, performs exposure “Looking Portugal” the Consulate General in Sao Paulo, the celebrations related to 10 June. In 2012, lance art agenda, reproducing the work of 15 fantastic Luso Brazilian artists and followed more than two dozen exhibitions on Brazilian soil and abroad. In 2013, participated and coordinated 23 exhibitions, in galleries and showrooms in banks - in Brazil, Uruguay and other exhibition spaces. Also developed important cultural projects, involving art, music and literature, and some were introduced in São Paulo and other states as well as, some abroad - Lisbon, Madrid and Seville, highlighting the International Fair of Seville - the Palace Alfonso XIII.

In 2014, coordinated some projects in S. Paulo, Paulista in Space Art, Gallery House of Portugal and Entrecores Gallery and also in other spaces within the State.

Still 2014, coordinates the design of his own <<Portugal Cup>> where the sculptor Santos Lopes performs a sculpture, in honor of the Portuguese National Team and will be permanently at the Hotel Royal Palm Plaza in Campinas, town and place where it hosted the Portuguese national team.

For over thirty years, Mary of the Angels coordinates exhibitions the gallery of the House of Portugal, spaces through which have passed and big names in Brazilian Portuguese painting.

And his constant role in the cultural rapprochement between the two peoples Brazil and Portugal, Mary of the Angels has been awarded with honorary awards and several tributes.

As artist, Mary of the Angels began his professional career in Brazil, at 25 years old, exhibiting at Montessanti Gallery. Since then, participated in numerous official salons and individual and collective exhibitions, receiving numerous awards. From the years 80, held solo exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, including the Gallery Fernando Pessoa, Funai, Gallery Cristiano Stokler, the MAC Campinas, Home Look - St. Andrew, Casa do Saber - St. Andrew, Multiarte Galeria – S. Caetano do Sul, Moira and Gallery Cheap Gallery - Lisbon. Magestic Gallery - Port, Municipal Library - Póvoa de Varzim, Casa do Brazil - Santarém - Portugal and other.

In Japan, where he taught the subject “Light and Color”, Faculty of Fine Arts - Osaka and studied Handmade Paper production techniques and Sumie Art, individually exhibited eleven times, some sponsored by Daimaru network. In Osaka, (Yamaki Art Gallery) Tokyo (Shinobazú Gallery) and still Shizuoka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Nagoya and other cities.

He also made individual in India and Ecuador. He participated in the Biennale of Mexico City “Small format” and Cuenca Biennial, Ecuador.

Referring to the work of Mary of the Angels, put it this way the critical Olney Kruse: “Yes, therefore, a vigorous painting that knows what he wants and where walks, in search of their primary dream.”

Exposição Diálogos na Galeria Dimensão em Lisboa-Portugal. Foto: Divulgação.

Exhibition Dialogues in Dimension Gallery in Lisbon-Portugal. Photo: Disclosure.

Maria dos Anjos, what are your projects for 2015?

There are several: some exhibitions in Portugal-Lisbon and Porto, Spain-Barcelona, França Paris e-EE.UU-N. York.

Also provided coordination and curator of the Brazilian Portuguese Yearbook of Art and its launch to the end of the year, on a date to be announced soon.

Remember also, the launch to the end of the year of our now traditional and awaited AGENDA ART.

Which artists you today is healing?

Are some significant, but without naming names not to hurt susceptibilities.

What is your opinion on the art market, today in Brazil and because some Brazilian artists are choosing to expose abroad?

I like to expose in Brazil, there is always well received and provided 2013, the Brazilian art market had a slight warming, that name some movements and Art Fairs. We hope 2015 manifest also a good year for the Arts in general.

As to prefer expose abroad, also depends a lot on where it is exposed. Do not just expose outside, you need to choose a good location and accept a reputable and competent curator, I believe that only then there will be a good contribution to a value of curriculum.

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