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Marlon Silva, writer. Photo: Thiago Nunes.
Marlon Silva, writer. Photo: Thiago Nunes.

Marlon Silva releases All the Poems I Could Write

Reading has become increasingly distant from reality in the digital world, where phrases, words and posts are enough in many people's lives. However, we can still believe in reading when we think of moments of reflection and distance from social networks, where many also make the choice to distance themselves from technology.

The book is available for pre-order on Amazon's website, is the romantic phase of the writer, that took the world so digitally to launch in e-book format. The launch is a partnership between the Writer and CAW productions that launches Independent Artists.

“With countless unsuccessful attempts, until Amazon authorized the sale of my book, happiness that runs through my veins and gave me the strength to continue believing that soon new specimens, points out the writer Marlon Pereira”.

Description of the Work:

Expressing the feeling in the form of poetry is what was done in “all the poetry that I could write”, is a tireless attempt to answer a single question, only love is enough for you ? . not always the answers from others to what only you can answer

Pre sale
Title: All the Poetry I Could Write
Value: R$ 9,99
WebSite: www.amazon.com.br/dp/B08P64LYS3

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