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Martijn Hage, The Digital Artist of Rotterdam

Work of Art Hage Martijn

Martijn Hage is a Digital Artist.

Martijn Hage, The Digital Artist of Rotterdam

The Digital Artist was born in 2 April 1964 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He tells us his story, below:

I studied Graphic Design in Academy of Arts Minerva in Groningen and graduated in 1989.

Digital art is like other art forms a medium on its own. As one of the first I explored the digital opportunities, it has given me my own canvas and creative expression. I’m convinced that creating art isn’t about which technique you use, but more the presentation of one’s inner expression in any way possible. My artwork is created in 3 dimensions and that gives me the unique approach to act like the sculptor, painter and photographer in one. Characteristic in my work are my imaginary sometimes futuristic worlds where nature and technology are coming together. Let’s say a mix of organic and mechanic. Sources for my inspiration are nature, technology, archeology and mythology. I like to use terms in the soft and hardware to title my artwork.

Work of Art Hage Martijn

Female of Martijn Hage.

As a boy I made highly detailed figurative pen drawings, the word digital I had not even heard of. At the Academy of Arts I started with an Apple, first black and white later on 64 colors to work with. At that time the only way to present my artwork was to take a photograph of the screen and print it on photographic paper. Computers and digital tools powerfully evolved in time, as well other and far more better output possibilities to present artwork. Started with surrealism, nowadays in an attempt to catch the feeling my artwork is more imaginary, magical atmospheric so to say.

I like to work with high details and present my artwork on large format acrylic glass prints. Each piece of my artwork is unique, limited to one original only. I am always looking for new dimensions to express my creativity. 3D and 2,5 D (relief) printing techniques are my next challenges.

Work of Art Hage Martijn

Residual Value of Martijn Hage.


  • 2013 – Centric Art Gallery, Gouda.
  • 2009 – Het Koetshuis, Roden.
  • 2003 – Galerie Noorderlicht, Groningen.
  • 2001 – Pixelpoint Computer Art Festival, Slovenia.
  • 2001 – Go Gallery, Amsterdam.
  • 1998 – Cap Gemini, Utrecht.
  • 1995 – Museum Het Kruithuis, Den Bosch.
  • 1991 – Museum Fodor, Amsterdam.
  • 1990 – SISEA, International Symposium Electronic Arts.
  • 1988 – City Library of Lelystad.
  • 1988 – Cultural Center of Ermelo.
  • 1987 – Sonesta Hotel, Amsterdam.
  • 1987 – The Castle of Zeist.

Some Artworks of the Artist:






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