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LGBTQIA+ Pride Month: Coherence Editorial Group books to read in June

Discover stories starring LGBTQIA+ from the editorial house

After the Stonewall Uprising, in 1969, when homosexuals confronted New York police during a raid on a bar in the city, a scenario was developed in which the community mobilizes to celebrate a year of struggle and pride for being what they are. Thus, June has been set as LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, period of the year when many diversity parades are held in various places around the world.

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However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is necessary to celebrate this date at home and books can be an excellent entertainment option for the celebration. Thus, we listed four books from Editorial Group Coherence featured by LGBTQIA+ to be read during June.

The Small Magellanic Cloud, by Maria Clara Lacerda

Nico Panine, ex-guitarist of the famous band The Little Magalhães Cloud, now he spends his days managing a small concert hall in the heart of Belo Horizonte in partnership with his own father. The life of an entrepreneur is much less exciting than that of a rock star, but the fight that took Nico out of the "Cloud", two years before, seems to be irreparable: he hopes never to meet Ulisses Bragantino, ex-bandmate, old best friend and, now, your declared public enemy.

But the scenario changes when Nico's father is murdered and Ulysses seems to be the only person with relevant information to help his old friend discover the truth about his own family.

grudgingly, between pricks and unresolved romantic feelings, Nico and Ulisses then embark towards the southern interior of Minas Gerais, behind the only clue they have, without waiting for, by the way, would find impulsive fans, scrapped karaoke, colored paragliders, ruthless kidnappers and ancient secrets.

Find out more: editoracoerencia.com.br/livros/1520

Turtles Learn Bhaskara, by Cosme Alves

Vinícius' arrival in the interior city of Bela Serra will put him on the path of two people: Lucia, a girl surrounded by mysteries, and William, the reclusive neighbor who has a past as scarred as his soul. While seeking to resolve a non-peculiar conflict, the three will discover some strange things: the birds in this story need cages, cats and wine are great companions after a day's work, people who speak little are the ones who have more to say and, finally, love is not human at all, he is a force of nature, unpredictable and uncontrollable.

Find out more: editoracoerencia.com.br/livros/as-tartarugas-aprendem-bhaskara

Titanium, de Leonardo M.

In the so-called New Age, humanity is controlled by a new system, in which experts manage the pillars of life, sectors responsible for ensuring the survival of the species. Through technology considered essential for maintaining control over individuals, helmets are able to hide what is considered the failure factor of past generations: the emotions and affective bonds. However, Trojan, new head of one of the pillars, know someone who makes you challenge your dilemmas, awakening emotions that put you in front of a fatal doubt: remain part of the system or challenge it, letting your emotions prevail?

Find out more: editoracoerencia.com.br/livros/titanium

His Name is Erick, the Alexandre Klein

Lucca Angiani is recognized across the city as one of White Cloud's smartest students, the notorious and renowned college in the region, in addition to being the future prodigy of national genetics. After the recent breakup of your vacation relationship, Lucca finds himself lost and alone on the eve of his eighteenth birthday, so his friends decide he needs to do something crazy, and, involved in drugs and drinking, Lucca ends up heading towards the region's haunted house on the march with his team. But apparently, she is not completely abandoned. With the return of classes in his last year of high school, Lucca needs to realize that there is a new student and that there is much more behind his sudden appearance.. Intending to recover from those memories that hurt him, he throws himself into the unknown to find out who this boy is and why he is so incredibly apathetic.

"We think a lot and feel little".

Find out more: editoracoerencia.com.br/livros/o-nome-dele-e-erick

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