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Massey Camargo, our ‘ Cat Guide’ the beauties of Europe by Fabiano de Abreu

Fabiano de Abreu é Jornalista, Assessor de Imprensa, Filósofo e Escritor. Foto: Gabriela Mello / MF Press Global.

Fabiano de Abreu is a journalist, Press Officer, Philosopher and writer. Photo: Gabriela Mello / MF Global Press.

Massey Calderon is already known in the social network and was considered the most beautiful contestant of the reality Home of Record, so was eliminated joined the Muggles and was for Europe, in this tour, our ‘ Cat Guide’ are you going to tell us a little bit of every place I visited.

The ‘ Cat Guide’ started your journey between Austria and Italy, in Lago di Braies to, located 1.500 m above sea level, at the north end of Fanes-Senes-Braies and pale peaks of redeado Alps Dolomites.

See the opinion of Massey Camargo:

“It's not like it's real, It seems that is frame painting. Good for those who want a romantic getaway, are restaurants and natural beauty. At 6:00 pm everything closes and darkens 22:00 of the night.”

About the food:

“The food here is mass, gordices and chocolates, a lot of pizza too. Got a House at the top of the mountain that's only how to get lift, wonderful chocolates. Cold cuts and wine is a good thing.”


“Here it is summer, but it's been around 13 degrees, Snow most of the year. Is very good in the winter for skiing.”

The most important, prices:

“Not cheap, even more with a Euro to four real. We're measuring quite the expenses due to the price of things. That phrase ‘ who converts no fun’ me no glue no, I'm not rich(laughs). The food is not expensive, me and more 3 friends spent almost 100 euros and left plenty of food. I learned, I'm going to ask for less now.”

The ‘ Cat Guide’ was only two days on site and already goes to the next town to give us travel tips.

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