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Volmir Lamb. Photo: Disclosure.

Solar shows will have two weeks of free dance performances

A strong free dance program will happen between days 27 October to 11 November, at Casa Hoffmann - Movement Studies Center, in the Largo da Ordem. The cultural space, that since April this year has encouraged new forms of body language, Solar receives Shows.

The project brings seven curitibanos artists, selected through public notice, for presentations, workshops and chat. As a counterpart, free classes and presentations are being offered by selected in Regional Cajuru.

Solar Show aims to shed light on the artists and dance in Curitiba. "From an artistic point of view we glimpse intensify the involvement and appreciation of dance artist in the community", explains the dance coordinator of Curitiba Cultural Foundation, Carmen Jorge.

"From a management point of view we seek to promote and spread the cultural product, and optimize public resources and improve service for artists and audiences ", full Carmen.


Opens the programming workshop and presentation with invited Volmir Lamb. Artist Santa Catarina, with an extensive international curriculum, minister a workshop between days 24 and 26 October, where will comment on the study of his doctorate in Paris and its expertise in creating soil. For Shows, Volmir Lamb presents the soil of his own 'Heaven'.

Of Curitiba selected via tender, each artist will make two presentations. The intention is to promote the action of city artists alongside dancing the world.

The exhibition is held by the Municipality of Curitiba, Curitiba Cultural Foundation through the Municipal Cultural Incentive Fund. It was made possible through the Solar Notice 2018. Its partner in achieving the ICAC - Curitiba Institute of Art and Culture.


Per night are two free presentations. The artist shows Live Castro 'villus', an invitation to think about the other and in relation to the body. Alessandra Lange performs 'Mother - an essay on it', a work developed by the artist in the Project Research of the Private Movement.

Following give presentations, Juliana Adur you want to swim account the tide in the show 'Fish - Sword - How to survive at sea' and looking for an aesthetic of exaggeration, Gabriel Machado, Selvática group member do, presents 'Mil Besos'.

Finalize the schedule, "Tomorrow is canceled 'Fabio Tavares a study of the physiology of the absence. Through inspiration from the women who roam the streets, Gladis Tridapalli presents 'Maria Fern Lecture' and Marila Velloso, teacher UNESPAR, structured improvisation studies and the use of sensors reflecting on autonomy in real time, with 'preset'.

The closure of the Solar Shows happens to a chat on Sunday, 11 November, the intention is to approach, develop relationships, exchanges and understandings of art making in dance between artists, employees, producers, technicians and the public in the presence of critics / mediators Elke Siedler and Francis Mallmann.

Dance circuit in Neighborhoods

Intended to be extended to all Regional, classes and presentations of the artists selected for the Solar Shows, They are being held in Cajuru Citizenship Street. The program started in August 2018 and continues until December, aims to align the thinking of artists and institution about the social return activities.

Service: Local:

Hoffmann House-Centre for the study of the movement
Address: Rua Claudino dos Santos, 58 - Order of Largo - San Francisco
Phones: 41.3321.3228 and 41. 3321.3232
And- mail: danca@fcc.curitiba.pr.gov.br

24, 25 and 26 October
Workshop Volmir Lamb - the 14 18h - Studio 2

27 and 29 October
Opening Show
Solo presentations SKY Volmir Lamb, followed by chat with the public - 20 hours / Studio 1
Rating: 18 years

Friday, 2 November
19h - Livea Castro - "villus" / Rating: 16 years
21h - Alessandra Lange - "Mom - an essay on it" / Rating: 16 years

Saturday, 3 November
19h - Juliana Adur - "Fish - Sword - How to survive at sea" / Rating: 16 years
21h - Gabriel Machado - "Mil Besos" / Rating: 16 years

Sunday, 4 November
19h - Fabio Tavares - "Tomorrow was canceled" / Rating: 18 years
21h - Gladis Tridapalli - "Maria Fern Lecture" / Rating: 18 years

Wednesday, 7 November
19h – Marila Velloso – “PRESET” / PG
21h - Alessandra Lange

Thursday, 8 November
19h – Marila Velloso
21h - Gládis Tridapalli

Friday, 9 November
19h – Fabio Tavares
21h - Livea Castro

Saturday, 10 November
19h - Juliana Adur
21h - Gabriel Machado

Sunday, 11 November
15h - Chat with all artists, producers and mediators Francis Mallmann and Elke Siedler.

Dance circuit in Neighborhoods
Information: Citizenship Street Cajuru / Core Regional Cajuru / Cultural Foundation of Curitiba
Mayor Mauricio Rua Fruet, 2150
Phone: 3361-2302 or 3361-2304

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