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Women in Literature: Coherence Editorial Group bets on different authors

From fiction to non-fiction, publisher seeks to give space to authors in the national publishing market

As women have always been present in the literature, in the publishing market, the presence is not exactly the same, and Grupo Editorial Coerência has been investing in the launch of national authors to give voice to these artists with great lessons and importance for Brazil.

"It's a privilege to be a woman and to be able to make room for other women", a publisher Lilian Vaccaro for years it has been trying to make room for women in the catalogs that make up the editorial group, and reinforces that he learns more and more from them and their stories.

With more than 400 released titles, we listed some fiction and non-fiction authors that were released by Editorial Group Coherence last months. With different life and literary stories, each reader can learn a lot from them.

Ana Boulos

Ana Boulos was born in the capital of São Paulo into a large family in which the mother figure has always been prominent. book lover, despite her academic background and her position as a Public Lawyer, he never let the seriousness of the routine fade with his curious and creative gaze. With the birth of your daughters, started a personal realignment process, finding the courage to exercise your true passion, tell stories, in a professional way. Her debut book as a writer is a tribute to all mothers, that just like her, reinvented their lives after motherhood.

Isabela Zinn

Isabela Faria Zinn was born in Brasilia in 2002. Unconditional love for literature emerged in childhood, from reading Aesop's Fables, but decided that she would be a writer in 2017, time when he left school classes for the company of his faithful notebook of writings. Currently, studying Letters at the University of Distrito Federal, and sees in writing a certainty of a promising future. The kingdom of the black rose is her debut novel.

Telma Brites

Telma Brites Alves born in 1963 in Bahia, where he spent his childhood, between Capernaum and the Morro do Chapéu. At the age of 10 years old, moved to Salvador, where he did amateur theater and graduated in Social Sciences at UFBA, specializing in medical anthropology. As a teenager, different from most peers of the same age, liked to read kafka, Simone de Beauvoir e Sartre. In 1997, moved to France and got CAPES title to teach Portuguese. Currently lives in Sechtem, in Germany, where he teaches Portuguese at a private school and dedicates his free time to taking care of the family, and fulfill the dream of being a writer. She is married and has three children..

Carolina Reginatto

Carolina Flores Reginatto born in Santa Maria, in 10 May 1995. Lives in Ijuí, a small town in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul. Gaucho, training economist and administrative and financial manager, the world of tables, reports, numbers had always been common to you. Lover of music and books, discovered the art of writing his own stories at seventeen. Author of adventure and fantasy books, Carol believes that magic must be constantly in our lives, be it in the smallest and simplest moments or in those that make us float. After all, the world alone is too sad and cruel. Is that you, already had its share of magic today?

C. A. Saltoris

C.A. Saltoris is an award-winning Brazilian cosplayer of Fantasia, and the pseudonym of Ariane de Melo: A mother residing in Germany, journalist, former actress and theater director, serial entrepreneur and founder of the Management Company, Coaching & Ariadnefaden UG Entertainment. Ariane gave a TED Talk about Dead Dreams, based on the system he created for speakers based on one of his Fantasy novels – and she doesn't like to see her birth name printed on books; this is a Saltoris thing.

Rafaella Marques

Rafaella Marques is a young lover of inventiveness born in 1998, in the city of Jacobina, where do you live with your family. Enthusiast of the most diverse interests, have fun just as easily, whether learning a new language, whether developing a computer program. Law student at the State University of Bahia, loves to create fantastic universes, listening to good music and enjoying a warm cold day.

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