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Ana Prosa. Photo: Disclosure.
Ana Prosa. Photo: Disclosure.

In the external area of ​​Cobogó Mercado de Objetos: Collaborates in the Backyard

Exhibition of exclusive and original products and parts, created by local entrepreneurs

In the tone that governs the proposal of the Cobogó, stimulating the strengthening of conscious consumption, the Collaborates in the Backyard comes to another special edition. In this, that will roll day 10 October, Saturday, the Object Market backyard receives samples of work carried out in line with sustainability concepts.

Among the exhibitors, that will transform the space into a showcase for local production, rookies and also those who already have experience and knowledge. The holding of this meeting, is based on the presentation and invitation to value small artists and creators of environmentally friendly products.

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Diversity is what you can expect from what will be presented. Personal care, from clothing to utilitarian and decorative pieces, who goes to Collaborates in the Backyard you will be able to appreciate and purchase creations that promise to delight all tastes.

The stillness imposed by the quarantine, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, put a brake on consumerism. What brought light to social transformation and raised questions about the role played by major brands in relation to the environment.

On the other hand, little ones, of artisanal production like the participants of the Collaborates in the Backyard, gain visibility by broadening looks at the community and by developing collections aligned to conscious and sustainable consumption.

Participates in Collaborates in the Backyard the rookie Ceramic sparer, with sculptural pieces and utilities – original and exclusive – produced by Rodrigo Machado in the small studio setting up in his apartment in Asa Norte.

The thrift store will also be there – of new used and found – La Sacuelita. Designed by Lana Guimarães and Mariana Dap, the thrift store puts concepts into reuse, circular economy and reduction of environmental impacts.

Another brand present is Ana Prosa, stainless steel jewelry. With signature by Ana Paula Rosa, the pieces illustrate the abstraction of wearable art (art pieces for personal use), with style, shape and quality.

In addition to these three, more exhibitors make up the curatorship of the market mounted under the cool shade of a leafy Gameleira. Wide location where all security measures will be respected as social distance, use of mask and gel alcohol available.

And because children's day is near, stands will have surprises for small, who will also be able to have fun in the Cobogó playground and delight in the menu's delicacies.

The event starts at 11am, schedule that marries the delicious lunch service from Cobogó Object Market, and continues until 18h, when that desire for a special snack hits, that only the menu there. A Cobogó Object Market stay at SCRN 704/705, Block E, Stores 51/56. Information: (61) 9.9128-7758.

To decrease the production of waste, the pieces will be delivered in bags from other stores and it is suggested that customers take their ecobags. An invitation: who has paper bags in good condition for reuse, can take to donate.

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