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In the shadow of the Cold War: A theft, a disappearance and many crimes

no tangle of “Beyond the Smoke”, Edvaldo Silva builds an ingenious investigation that crosses borders and reaches Brazil

the year was 1987, the city of berlin, capital of germany, it was divided by a wall that prevented anyone from crossing to the other side and the rubble of the Second World War could still be seen in the streets. In this scenario, Bruno Fischer Was Just a Divorced Failed Musician, who worked as a taxi driver just to pay the bills, but never for pleasure.


he knew that, by taking Ingrid Bergunson Tavares, a Brazilian passenger from the West side to the East, took risks, but he didn't expect that trip would take him to the other side of the Atlantic. It is in Brazil that the reader unravels the mystery Beyond the Smoke, such as the illegal trade in works of art stolen from Jews by Nazi troops.

From the world historical context on the Cold War period and the emergence of neo-Nazi groups, the writer Edvaldo Silva includes a canvas by the baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens to the plot. It is the search for the work that culminates in the disappearance of the Brazilian, responsible for the theft, and makes the German Bruno Fischer leave his own country to help Amanda Bergunson find her mother.


The painting that caused so many upheavals belonged, originally, the collection of a family of Jewish origin, in Hungary. During a World War II, a Nazi soldier confiscated all the paintings and, later, illicitly acquired one of the paintings. Now, Sebastian Gunter, ex-soldier's son, was willing to move the world to get the screen back. But is he really responsible for the woman's disappearance??

Clues about the case are delivered in homeopathic doses and so, the author sharpens the reader's desire to know the course of history, with plot twists to each chapter. With one narrative ingenious of suspense and mystery, Edvaldo Silva shows, in Beyond the Smoke, that not everything is as it seems and that there are many unexplored layers, both in life and in art.



Title: Beyond the Smoke
Author: Edvaldo Silva
Pages: 208
ISBN:  978-6556252957
 14 x 11 x 21 cm
Price: R$ 59,90
sale link: Amazon

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About the author: Edvaldo Silva holds a master's degree in Arts and Multimedia from UNICAMP and a postgraduate degree in Advertising from ECA/USP. With a successful career in companies such as FOX Latin American Channels (Disney Channels), the Earth Portal (Telefonica Group), and the Latin American mobile application giant Movile (Naspers Group), he was Chairman of the Ad Tech Committee & Data do Interactive Advertising Bureau. He is the author of the book Da Válvula ao “Pixel – The Streaming Revolution”, successfully launched in Brazil and Portugal, by Editora Atlântico, and now debuts in fiction with the historical novel “Além da Fumaça”, by Editora Labrador.

Author networks: Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn

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