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Nano Art Market launches niche social network, focused on art and culture

After the acquisition of Tropix, held in July last year, a Nano Art Market, marketplace that sells and delivers artworks a Nacional level, get ready for another news: the launch of the new social network Nano, dedicated to the art and culture segment.

Through Nano, professionals and lovers of different artistic languages ​​will be able to relate, but, mainly, produce and consume content related to art and culture; such as: visual arts, dance, theater, music, circus, literature, among other.

Proposed by Nano is to create an environment where the user can only find content about art and culture. “The purpose of a social network, initially,  is to unite and, After, create relationships between people with common interests. However, today, there is great content being circulated, but unfortunately, go unnoticed by users who would be interested in consuming this type of information; since the social network algorithm deems it not relevant to that person’s profile”, explains Thomaz Pacheco, founder of Nano Art Market.

The social network of Nano will function as a platform that allows the posting of art and culture content, in photo format, video and texts. Publications will be organized in chronological order and users will be able to interact with likes, comments, shares and saves. for this first moment, no monetization actions are foreseen on the network.

“We are building an open and targeted environment for cultural content creators alike, but also for consumers of this type of information. We will work as a two-way street – to the developers, we give you the freedom to exhibit your work, your agenda and your search; and consumers of art and culture, the practicality of having the information compiled in the palm of your hand, as well as a united network of relationships. The published contents will be filtered by themes and, if you have publications that deviate from the main theme, the post will be deleted for violating the terms of use”, scores Thomaz.

The release forecast is for the second half of February. Registration is free and allows you to use the social network before release to the general public. to register, just fill in the form at this link: www.nanosocial.com.br

About the Nano Art Market

Nano believes in a bigger and more accessible art market for everyone. Therefore, proposes to transform, through technology and content production, the way people relate to the environment.

Gathers in your ecosystem, beyond the marketplaces of physical and digital works, the Nano School of Art and Market, a complete art editorial, own platform for online art auctions and, now, own social network.

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Soon, will have a software for collection management, financial products linked to the world of art and Nano Data to serve the national art circuit.


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