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Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: CPAH.
Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: CPAH.

Neuroscientist explains about Covid-19 mRNA vaccine and would change our genetic code

Doctor of Health Sciences in Psychology and Neuroscience, Fabiano de Abreu worried about false information on the internet, explains about the vaccine

“The messenger RNA does not alter the genetic code because it is a copy of the tape and not the authentic one”, thus begins the neuroscientist Fabiano de Abreu your explanation of the mRNA vaccine and how it acts on the genetic code.

Humanity is constantly put to the test. Survival has been a game since the beginning but tiny and invisible beings are our worst enemies. Bacteria and viruses, responsible for infectious diseases and pandemics that have plagued humanity.

“There are several risks to an apocalypse that would bring about the end of humanity; asteroids, artificial intelligence creating an intelligence that dominates us, mega volcanic eruption, nuclear war, the approach or removal of the planet in relation to the sun, global warming, among others, but none of them are as possible as infectious diseases, pandemics.”, explains Abreu.

As science advances, scientists develop ever faster and more assertive responses to combat these microscopic beings. Scientists went on to work on creating fast and cheap vaccines to control outbreaks, as in the case of Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2). It was then that mRNA vaccines appeared.

As the neuroscientist explains, “Traditional vaccines require a sample of the organism itself, example of a virus or bacteria, or your protein that, when introduced into the body, this creates antibodies to defend itself. MRNA is a messenger synthesized from a DNA template that contains information that determines which amino acids are necessary for the construction of a certain protein. In the case of the vaccine, the synthetic mRNA, developed in laboratory, receives genetic information about the virus and ‘cheats’ the body to produce the invader's protein, in this case, the virus.”.

Abreu also explains that our immune system replicates the invader's genetic message but there is no formation of new viruses.

“Our immune system detects proteins, thus producing antibodies for the defense. When infected, the organism will already select the antibodies necessary for its defense. It is important to note that these proteins do not form a new virus because they are solitary. MRNA has functions in different regions of the body, among them in the process of engrams formation in our neurons in the brain, which are the marks of memories.”, clarifies Fabiano de Abreu.

The neuroscientist concluded by demystifying the rumor that, “About messenger RNA changing our genetic code, this does not happen because it is a copy of the tape and not the authentic DNA, It is, is well protected.”, says Abreu.

Short biography

Fabiano de Abreu Rodrigues

Doctor and Master in Health Psychology from the Université Libre des Sciences de l'Homme in Paris; Doctor and Master in Health Sciences in Psychology and Neuroscience at Emil Brunner World University; Master in Psychoanalysis by Instituto and Faculdade Gaio, Unesco; Post-Graduation in Neuropsychology by Cognos de Portugal; Three Post-Graduations in Neuroscience, cognitive, childish, learning by Faveni; Specialization in electrical property of neurons at Harvard; Specialist in Clinical Nutrition by TrainingHouse de Portugal.

Neuroscientist, Neuropsicólogo, Psychologist, Psychoanalyst, SPN Journalist and Philosopher – Portuguese Society of Neurosciences - 814, by SBNEC – Brazilian Society of Neuroscience and Behavior - 6028488 and FENS – Federation of European Neuroscience Societies – PT30079. E-mail: deabreu.fabiano@gmail.com

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