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Pet place: leisure area for pets on the rise in developments

Brazil has the second largest population of pets in the world; residential real estate developments follow changes in the structure

The term 'pet friendly'’ has become routine in the life of Brazilians. The phrase in English means that the place accepts the entry and stay of domestic animals.


The increase in the presence of pets in establishments is a reflection of the importance they have for their owners. Currently, Brazil has the second largest population of dogs, cats and songbirds (who sing) and ornamentals around the world, with a total of 139,3 millions of pets, according to data from the Brazilian Association of the Industry of Pet Products (Abinpet). Of these, 54,2 millions are dogs and 23,9 millions are cats.

The numbers are corroborated by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), which still predicts a growth trend of this population, with an estimate that only the share of dogs and cats in Brazil reaches 101 millions of animals up to 2030.


Aware of this growing number of companion animals and the demands of this niche, construction companies also started to offer in their projects the pet places – ou pet play, pet space - what, in practice, are exclusive areas for pets within the condominium.

“The pets passed, increasingly, to integrate families who live in apartments. So, nothing fairer that they also have a leisure area to run around, play and walk safely together with their tutors. Now, no more worrying about having space and outdoor areas for pets, as it happens in the backyard of a house”, explained by Emanuelle De Mori Bardeja Gil, manager of the Yticon unit in Maringá (PR), city ​​that already has four developments with these spaces monitored.



Idealized to be a kind of small square, a pet place is an area specially designed for the welfare of domestic animals, with infrastructure composed of specific toys so that kittens can have fun alone or with other animals.

Among the items, are toys similar to children's playground, such as seesaws and activity circuit. See there sede, there is a drinking fountain available. Everything is foreseen in the architectural project, using own materials, beyond, of course, of green area for contact with nature.

“When are we going to launch a venture, there are items that cannot be left unlisted. With the change in people's behavior and family formats over the last two decades, we can say that this space, today, it is essential”, comment to the manager, reinforcing that the animals came to be considered family members.


There are already dozens of legal decisions regarding the presence of domestic animals in condominiums.. Despite the builders delivering the structure of a pet place, each condominium – through an internal regulation, voted by the residents themselves, decides how the area will work, just like with swimming pools, gyms and barbecues.

The bylaws are necessary for rules and regulations to exist, especially with opening hours and behavior of the tutors, How to clean up animal waste, use of leash and collar, in addition to controlling the interaction with other animals present. “These are small attitudes that allow for a harmonious coexistence in a space for collective use.”

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