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Philos announces new content that will be available from February

"Gauguin: The Full Story ", "The trajectory of Putin", "Unforgettable works of art", "René Magritte: The Man under the Hat ", "La Dolce Vitta – The music in the Italian Cinema ", "Philosophy: The Guide to happiness ", "Revealing the Invisible Universe" and "Gaudí, the great Catalan Architect "in the catalogue of channel productions

The Philos, channel on demand Globosat, will offer its subscribers new productions in the month of February. Among the stars, "Gauguin: The Full Story ", documentary about the French Post-Impressionist painter; and new episodes of "Unforgettable works of art", series which features masterpieces by great artists such as Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Gauguin, Marc Chagall and Edward Hopper. Even for fans of art, the channel offers the documentary "René Magritte: The Man under the Hat ", It tells the story of one of the leading Belgian artists of surrealism. "Gaudí, the great Catalan Architect "will be available for those who want to learn a little more about its architecture and the places that have marked their journey, as Reus, hometown; the Abbey of Montserrat; and Barcelona.

The American director Neil Docherty, the documentary "the trajectory of Putin" investigating charges of crime and corruption that have surrounded the actions of the President of Russia. The viewer can also check out the success story of the Italian film "La Dolce Vitta – The music in the Italian Cinema "and know a little more about Federico Fellini, Luchino Visconti and Sergio Leone. Also in the collection of the channel, the documentary Revealing the Invisible Universe ", production which tells the story of the Hubble telescope – tool that allowed great scientific discoveries since its launch in 1990. In the series "Philosophy: The Guide to happiness ", the public can check six episodes, among them "the Ira for Seneca", "The love for Schopenhauer", "Happiness by Epicurus", "Self-esteem by Montaigne", "Self-confidence by Socrates" and "the Suffering by Nietzsche".

About the Philos

Created by Globosat, the Philos is not a traditional channel. With a vast collection that brings together the best documentaries and unforgettable shows, Philos is available in the subscription video on demand (SVOD), where the viewer chooses the time and the content you want to watch, as many times as you want, by means of a signature. With high quality productions, Philos brings together documentaries on art, Science, history, updates, music, peoples and cultures; debates and interviews; and dance shows and music-all in high definition (HD). To access the Philos, It is necessary to hire the service through a pay TV operator that offers the package (GVT, NET and ALIVE, R$ 19,90 monthly) or by Globo.com (R$ 21,90 monthly), that gives you access to the entire collection. The content can be watched on TV (using the decoder of the operator), on the computer – the site www.philos.tv -or apps for iPhones, ipads and Android devices.

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