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Brushstrokes of Day-to-Day by Angela Scorza

Angela Scorza é Artista Plástica.

Angela Scorza is a Plastic Artist.

Brushstrokes Day-to-Day by Angela Scorza

I like to paint “at plein air”, on the street as the Impressionists, i did the College and went with my father for years and years. As my preferred technique is the watercolor, for all, fluidity, practicality, challenges, I went to the center of Rio, weekday, and there put my stool, materials and painted.

Church of N. Mrs. da Lapa dos Mercadores, many people looked, “that quick stop” and followed destination.

Once the work finished has the overview, worked on a plank on the knees and pulled back the body to see the whole.

And a bird flew.

Took a brim and there, in the middle of my picture, contributed to my painting.

The color was a mix of shades, My face should be divided between “'ll strangle this bird” and the “and now what I do?” Particle to solve, throw out even think. Paper towels and washcloth took over, gradually I cleaned as i could.

Skirted the stain with Grayscale, give washes in the sky that was blue, now clouded and got nuances of lead and my church turned “AFTER THE RAIN”, with puddles here and there, reflecting the secular houses.

Not all shit results in crap…, creativity, calm and a good dose of good humor can turn a work of art in the same way as change a life!


Angela Scorza


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