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Brushstrokes Day-to-Day by Magali Restaine


Magali Restaine is a Visual Artist.

Brushstrokes Day-to-Day by Magali Restaine

Hello! My name is Magali Restaine, I'm Argentina. Approximately two years ago I get involved with painting, preferably with Oil on Canvas, as a therapeutic task since child liked.

Last year, we were called to paint something related to our people: Carabelas, in the Province of Buenos Aires. I did this with my teacher, emerges the idea of painting it, which was founded in the early twentieth century, The Palace San Jacinto, belonging to Argentina Countess Maria Unzue de Alvear, today you can find some foundations of the imposing Palace and its Chapel, so we can enjoy only one tower standing.

I started my oil-based paint, and then working with trowel texture, the chapel in relief with colourful fillings; which finished with lights and shadows with a dry brush. The fact is that, at the end of it, we now enjoy it and realized that above the door, had a face. Amazed we decided to leave it so. In The Exhibition, people were surprised to see and found a few more figures, but this time inside the door, all related to religion. I count this as experience, because at the time I painted the work, was going through an emotional crisis very difficult due to a dispute. The Artwork is called “San Jacinto – Revelations” and for me, it's a message that once more, had to get up and move on. Thank you for this opportunity.

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San Jacinto - Revelações



  1. I love painting and admire the people who do it is the style that is.

  2. i am an artist from delhi bijan paul i am looking for art promoter and art consultant for my arts . one who can promote my arts in india /abroad.

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