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Brushstrokes Day-to-Day by Wilmer A. Guedez Ojeda


Wilmer A. Guedez Ojeda (WAGO) is Visual Artist.

Brushstrokes Day-to-Day by Wilmer A. Guedez Ojeda (WAGO)

Hello friends and colleagues, I tell you that in 2011 something strange happened to me, I started to paint a triptych that would make some flowers, I drew a few strokes to paint and time passed without realizing that it was too late, I decided to take a break and decided to lie down.

The next morning, I kept giving the finishing touches and I realized there was a face in the background, didn't think anything of it and finished the work, but as for usual after finishing a work dedicate myself a few hours detailing each millimeter of the work… My surprise was that there was more than one face, some smiling, others do not, each with particular characteristics, that scared me, but I didn't see anything wrong and reassured me, everyone who came to my house wanted it, I really like this work, Now a friend has the triptych and every time her friends come into her home to see her are attracted by the flowers triptych.

Only happened to me once, and until today I haven't tried something else strange like this.

Wilmer A. Guedez Ojeda (WAGO)
Visual Artist
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