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Natalia mediates the table with Aduké, Erick Flores and Thiago Pirajira. Photo: Desirée Moenning.
Natalia mediates the table with Aduké, Erick Flores and Thiago Pirajira. Photo: Desirée Moenning.

Living Poets present the last episode of the project 'Forming Multipliers of Citizenship' on the day 31/07

Guests debate on the theme ‘Self-esteem – facing racism and looking for new possibilities of being’ on the fourth virtual table of the project

What is the role of the school in shaping students' self-esteem? How can the school break aesthetic standards and foster the individuality and creativity of its students and teachers? How the school can foster self-esteem and value the diversity of phenotypes existing in the school environment? In order to answer these questions, that affect educators in contemporary times, to Cultural Initiative Living Poets promotes virtual debate "Self esteem – facing racism and seeking new possibilities of being", not next day 31 July, Saturday, to 15h. The transmission is through the YouTube channel of the collective Poetas Vivos (check out the "Service").

The episode is the latest in a series of four seminars., that integrate the project Living Poets – Forming Citizenship Multipliers which aims to address behavioral issues emerging in society, within school environments. To address this guideline, participate the actor, producer and theater director Thiago Pirajira; actor and art educator Erick Flores and fashion producer and costume designer Aduké, which are also the artistic attraction, at the end of the debate. Mediation is by Natalia Pagot.

The Living Poets project – Training Multipliers of Citizenship comprises seminars in a debate table format and artistic presentations. Lasting for 12 hours, the project is divided into four three-hour episodes. The training is aimed at social educators, cultural agents and public school teachers, with the aim of debating issues such as racism, mental health, affection and self-esteem, within school environments. The proposal is signed by the Cultural Initiative Poetas Vivos and is coordinated by Felipe Deds, Natalia Pagot and Mariana Marmontel, members of the collective.

About the speakers:

Erick Flores Pimentel is an art educator and scenic artist. He graduated from the Porto Alegre School of Popular Art Laboratory and Theater House. Investigate art as a tool for social change, that's why he shares his knowledge at Morro Santana, in Porto Alegre, where he works as an art educator based on the empowerment of peripheral children. He is part of the cast of the show “Malone Morre” by Levante FavelA, which earned him a nomination for the Açorianos Theater Award 2019 in the Best Supporting Actor category. In 2020, was one of the curators of Porto Alegre em Cena, International Festival of Performing Arts.

Mariele Cruz (Stir) is an artist of 23 years and works in the art world as a fashion producer and costume designer. Fashion Design Student, your work is geared towards artists, in order to help them express themselves through their clothes.

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Thiago Pirajira is an actor, performer, director, theater producer and teacher. Bachelor of Theater, Master in Education and Ph.D. candidate in Performing Arts (Ufrgs). He is artistic director of the Pretagô group, actor and producer of the Usina do Trabalho do Ator group and one of the founding artists of the Carnaval collective Bloco da Laje.

About the project:

Living Poets – Training Multipliers of Citizenship had as its central objective the inclusion of art in education, framing racial issues, of gender and inequalities present in the school environment. The training seeks to combine street art, like slam and hip hop, to debates regarding racism, gender issues and LGBTphobia, mental health, self-esteem and interpersonal relationships at school. Participants receive certification from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, through a partnership via an extension project carried out with the Socialization Research Group, Youth and Educational Stratification and Trajectories (GESET).

The artistic and technical grid brought together professionals from different areas, like health, psychology, education, sets, theater, among others. All episodes are available on the YouTube channel of the collective Poetas Vivos. The project was made possible through the Public Notice Creation and Training - Diversity of Cultures, carried out by the State Secretariat for Culture in partnership with the Marcopolo Foundation, with resources from Law No. 14.017/2020, the Aldir Blanc Act.

About the Living Poets Cultural Initiative:

Poetas Vivos is an Afro-centered initiative that promotes black and peripheral art and education. The collective was created in 2018 by young black artists from Porto Alegre and who work directly in schools, universities, community and public spaces, developing offices, lectures, poetry and freestyle battles, addressing ERER, the racism, economic inequality, social and environmental, promoting the implementation of Laws No. 10.639/03 and nº 11.645/08, that compel the teaching of Afro-Brazilian History and Culture, African and Indigenous throughout the school environment. Over the two years of existence, the cultural initiative has already been present in the most important events and championships of spoken poetry in the state and in Brazil.

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What: Living Poets – Forming Citizenship Multipliers". Presentation of the “Self-esteem – facing racism and seeking new possibilities of being". Participate Aduke, Thiago Pirajara and Eric Flores, who also perform at the end of the debate. Mediation by Natalia Pagot.
When: Day 31 th July 2021, Saturday, at 3:0 pm.
Where: www.youtube.com/channel/UCPpJbhWndfG55PlKk8wo04Q

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