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Project "Here or There? -Choices and Dates ". Photo: André Spinola.
Project "Here or There? -Choices and Dates ". Photo: André Spinola.

“HERE OR THERE? – CHOICES AND DATES”: Storytelling course encourages reflections on youth of the Vila Maria Park

The proposal, working of the oral tradition stories reconciled with improvisational theatre games, encourages young people in the neighborhood in São Paulo to talk about the dilemmas of life and develop sensitivity to the arts of the body

In order to cultivate creative processes and expand Foundation for personal empowerment, the project “Here or There? -Choices and Dates”, designed by Aymberê artistic productions, held with young people of the Vila Maria Park, the northern zone of São Paulo, a storytelling course between August and December 2017 in the House of culture of Chennai.

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After the success of the project “Paths of Art“, headed by the same team last year, in the universe of photography was developed through various activities with young people and teachers of this territory, the “Here or There?” enough to work with oral tradition stories reconciled with theatre games based on improvisational techniques, which, According to the educators of the project, creates a listening space and belonging to the participants.

“Traditional stories with a universal ethical teaching, and the way to access this teaching is from the creative experience and reflection about the tales, path that leads to the students ' reflection on themselves”, explains the actress and Narrator Cristiana Ceschi that, beside the actor Paulo Federal, Minister the course with young people 12 to 17 years. Parallel, the course will also be offered to public school teachers in the territory, with early forecast for the month of September. The stories of the oral tradition to be worked, calls “stories-dilemma”, present complicated issues in their outcomes, What makes content for good thoughts with young people. Throughout the course, According to the educators pedagogical proposal, identity recognition modules will be discussed, of errors and successes seen as arms of learning and maturation, and the notion of dilemma and the difficult choices that affect profit and loss during the life.

Throughout the walk with the young, always taking into account the process of a situation results in another, Paul explains that the Federal order is to observe the potential they have to access the narrative of your own history and experience, and the transformative potential that this investigation has. “From there, You can face the reality in which they live as a story being told; as a possibility, and no fatality”, explains Paul.

When asked about expectations for the workshop, teenagers Erick de Assis (13), Bianca da Costa (12) and Gustavo Lima (13) proved quite eager for the meetings and excited to meet new friends. “I've never been to a play, but I am a poet, and when I'm reciting a poem, I'm expressing myself. In the theater know we expressed a lot too, so it will probably help me enjoy a lot”, declaims Gustavo.

As a result of the project, the team is planning to carry out a big Soiree in the House of culture of Chennai at the beginning of December, where the young participants can share the artistic choices within the creative path.


Cristiana Ceschi

Actress formed by Bayside College – Australia, art-educator, Master of teaching and learning of art from ECA-USP, social scientist (FFLCH-USP) and Narrator of stories. He worked with the British-German collective Gob Squad in multimedia performances Super Night Shot, Now Fly and Revolution Now!

On Awakening Art Association, developing work of storytelling in two hospitals specializing in Cancer-ICESP and GRAAC – and produced a storytelling course for health professionals entered the hospital humanization programme. In 2013 debuted as Director in children's play “Even the princesses Release Pum” inspired by the work of Ilan Brenman, of CLA Toc Toc Can enter?. Currently integrates the collective The Rutes; works with the Group Standing of wonder and part of the team of organization of the Mouth of heaven – international meeting of storytellers.

Paulo Federal

Actor, clown and art educator, practice areas since 1986. He is a professor degree in teaching, always taught in school and culture centers in addition to your work as an actor. In 1991 integrates the three The Charles & CIA starting your research on the language of the clown. Of CLA Megamini creator and the show Playing in the backyard. Uses if the narrative as much in the classroom as on the stage. Founder of the Flying Bicycle groups and forces loved and is artistic curator at CASA360graus.


Degree in Public Relations from USP SP, graduate in business administration for the third sector and Cultural Management, Patricia Souza Ceschi works with cultural production for more than 15 years. In 2010, along with the artist Breno Menezes, founded the Aymberê Produções Artísticas Ltda, where next for dedicated to the production and creation of national and international artwork in various languages. More information on www.aymbere.com.br or by the facebook.

The project Here or There? – Choices and Dates have the accomplishment of:
Sponsorship: Viação Cometa
Design and production: Aymberê Artistic Productions
Production direction: Patricia Souza Ceschi
Executive production: Ivan Mann Masocatto
Tax Incentive: Proactive Business ICMS
Support: JCA Institute and Social Comet
Realization: State Government of São Paulo, Secretariat of culture


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