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Illustrator and comic artist Douglas Nogueira. Photo: Disclosure.

Production and illustration of sketchbook are theme of workshop at Sesc Sorocaba

Activity will be carried out with Illustrator and comic artist Douglas Nogueira

Those interested in creating your own sketchbook will have the opportunity to learn how to produce a, in "illustration workshop and production of sketchbook", with the cartoonist and Illustrator Douglas Nogueira. The activity is free and will be held in room 2, SESC Sorocaba, on 19 November, farm, the 7:0 pm to 10:0 pm. To participate, simply remove the tickets with an hour's notice in the customer service unit. In total, will be made available 20 vacancies.

In this workshop, Douglas will give tips and notes inventive illustration to make references. Each participant creates his own work. A sketchbook It's like a diary of drawings, in which the artist records interesting things of everyday life. It is used for a long time. The first artist who used a sketchbook was Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519). Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), for example, used one to draft the work "Guernica".

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The workshop is held in partnership with the Design course at the University of Sorocaba (Uniso) and integrates the Open Design, the biggest event of the sector in the region, This year also brings attractions open to the public in General.

Douglas Nogueira

Douglas Nogueira is an Illustrator and comic artist, with a background in Design by Uniso. He works with editorial illustrations, advertising, and has done design work for small and large companies, as the internal newspaper of Metso, Lenovo, among others.


Illustration workshop and production of sketchbook
With Douglas Nogueira, Illustrator and comic artist
Day 19/11, farm, the 7:0 pm to 10:0 pm.
Local: Sesc Sorocaba, room 2, Rua Barão de Piratininga, 555, College Garden
Rating: free
Value: free (Advance registration at call center)

20 vacancies


Parking lot:
For enrolled at Sesc = R$ 4,00 the first hour and R$ 1,00 for additional time.

Not Enrolled = R $ 8,00 the first hour and R$ 2,00 for additional time.

More info:
(15) 3332-9933 or

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