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Big date in Rio and Rio Festival offer free sessions of cinema

Partnership between Globe, Globo Filmes and Festival do Rio, exhibits take place between 2 and 11 October
in several areas of the city

My Past Condemns Me. Photo: Paprika Photography.

My Past Condemns Me. Photo: Paprika Photography.

A Globe, in partnership with Globo Filmes and the Rio Festival, promotes free movie screenings in this edition of programming Carioca. Between the days 2 and 11 October, residents from different parts of the city - the Copacabana Guaratiba Stone - can watch national productions during one of the most important film festivals in Brazil.

The Globe Kiosk, in Copacabana, opens the special programming, day 2 October (Friday), with the display, at 19h, of "My past condemns me 2". The success starring Fabio Mello Porchat and Mia will also appear on 9 October at Largo da Prainha, in health, at 19h. On the same day, Vila Mimosa, in the Flag Square, at 9:00 pm, will play host to the comedy "Crazy to Marry", Ingrid Guimarães, Tata Werneck and Suzana Pires.

Crazy to marry. Photo: Paprika Photography.

Crazy to marry. Photo: Paprika Photography.

The project crosses the Guanabara Bay on 10 (Saturday) to show the film "The guys stick", Comedians Leandro Hassum and Marcius Melhem, in Paqueta, in the Plaza de San Roque, at 19h. To end programming, day 11 October (Sunday), the Pedra de Guaratiba residents can watch the film "Any cat mutt 2", with actors Malvino Salvador, Cléo Pires and Dudu Azevedo.

Big Date Carioca:

The museum was created in 2013, the big date Carioca is an initiative of the Globe, with the support of Globo Filmes, It takes monthly movies, Theatre and other artistic events for residents from various regions of the river and big river. In the first season, were seven blockbuster movies and five plays, that inspired the weekend of seven local public, as Burned, Marechal Hermes, Paquetá, Seropédica, Pavuna, Niterói and São Gonçalo.

The Pau Faces. Photo: Disclosure.

The Pau Faces. Photo: Disclosure.

The second season of the project was also a success and went through places like Madurai, Nilópolis, Out da Tijuca (City of Arts), Penha, Itaboraí, Caxias, Copacabana (Globe kiosk), Pavuna, Manguinhos, Bangu (Talavera Bruce), Paquetá, Santa Cruz, Campo Grande, Pavuna. A total of ten edits, including a special version of the Rio Festival, participants gave 15 long and ten theatrical mounts. In this third season, the project has already led to culture and art to Guadeloupe, Manguinhos, Center, Nova Iguaçu, Out da Tijuca, Niterói and Burned.

With an audience of 15 1000 people in the first two seasons, the event comes by fostering a culture where and forming new audiences interested in theater, Theater and arts.

Any Stray Cat. Photo: Disclosure.

Any Stray Cat. Photo: Disclosure.

Since the beginning of the third season, in March 2015, Globo included in the project schedule artistic manifestations of local talent, attended so many residents initiatives districts and municipalities.

Rio Festival:

Editing 2015 River Festival brings 250 films spread over more than 15 show, such as, films by masters such as Nanni Moretti, Wim Wenders, Hal Hartley, Carlos Saura, Catherine Hardwicke, Robert Zemeckis, Ruy Guerra and Walter Lima Jr., among others.

In addition to the shows already known, as World Cinema Panorama, Expectancy 2015, Première Brazil, first Latina, Borders, Midnight, Midnight Docs, Doc films, Generation, Unique itineraries and Environment, the Festival will dedicate special exhibitions the oddities Noir Mexican, the genius Orson Welles, the famous animated productions of Studio Ghibli and the Grand Masters of Cinema. For the second year, Felix Award will choose the best film theme LGBTQ all programming, chosen by an official jury.


Big date Carioca-Rio Festival Special
Date: 2 October (Friday)
Local: Globe kiosk, in Copacabana (height of Muthiah Street)

19h - My past condemns me 2 (classification – 12 years)

Date: 9 October (Friday)
Local: Vila Mimosa (Sotero dos Reis Street, Praça da Bandeira)

21h - Loucas to marry (classification – 14 years)

Local: Largo da Prainha, Health (Center)

19h-my past condemns me 2 (classification – 12 years)

Date: 10 October (Saturday)

Local: Plaza de San Roque, Paquetá

19h - stick Faces (classification – 10 years)
Date: 11 October (Sunday)

Local: Pedra de Guaratiba (Rua Barros de Alarcão, 503)

19h - Any cat mutt 2 (classification – 12 years)

Free entrance
Withdrawal of tickets to the movie 1 hour before each session

Other information: www.globofilmes.com.br and G1. com.br/rj



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