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‘WHO'S LEAVE IS SOMEONE'S LOVE’ – 4ª Performance

4ª Performance / Silent Vigil of cultural workers will pay tribute to indigenous peoples

Act will take place at the National Theater, from 5:30 pm

Since the 1st of June, every Monday of the month has been characterized by outdoor performances, in some of the most beautiful spaces in the Brazilian capital. Under the creation of the great director Hugo Rodas, workers from the cultural sector come together to express their solidarity, sensitize the community in these pandemic times and send affection to those who suffer from the loss of loved ones affected by Covid-19. Each act, marked by the inventiveness of the director, looks back at a portion of the population. This next Monday, 22 of June, the look and support of the 4th act will be for the peoples of Brazil, the indigenous.

Professionals from the entire productive chain of the cultural sector will gather on the lawn located between the National Library and the National Theater. Bearing tree branches, flags, maracas and rattles, cultural workers want to recreate a living forest, calling for care for the environment and the health of indigenous peoples - 44 ethnicities have already been affected by the new Coronavirus. As representatives of indigenous peoples, Kretã Kaingang will be present, son of the great chief Kretã Ângelo Kaingang, a hero of the resistance and struggle of the indigenous peoples of southern Brazil, e Álvaro Tukano, undisputed leadership of the movement and former director of the Memorial of the Indigenous Peoples.

Indigenous people have been greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Until the day 19 of June, there were more than 6000 infected indigenous and 313 dead, most of them in the state of Amazonas. At the same time, the leaders fight against the invasion of indigenous lands by mining and land grabbers. The fourth performance of the series “WHO HAS PARTY IS LOVE FROM SOMEONE” wants to reinforce the importance of health care to native peoples, wherever they are, in villages or in cities, and offer more visibility to your claims.

The idealization of performance acts came from the concern and sensitivity of members of the cultural sector of the DF towards the current scenario and the political neglect in the face of so many deaths caused by Covid-19. Empathy is the norm, love and solidarity to those who have lost loved ones, honoring those who left.

The movement also created an online kitty, whose amount collected will be used to purchase materials and structures to assist in the actions and production of the acts. Interested in collaborating can access the link abacashi.com/p/quempartiueamordealguem.


Day: 22 June 2020
Time: 17:30
Local: Lawn located between the Plano Piloto Bus Station and the National Theater.


Collective creation and production: Hugo Wheels, Deborah Aquino, Jorge Luiz, Diana Bloch, Sound Karim, Genice Barego, Kazuo Okubo, Daniel Madsen, Marcelo Calil, André Gonzales, Claudia Leal, Sergio Bacelar, Marcius Barbieri, André Xará, Bruno Caramori, Boca, Joy Ballard, Rodrigo Machado, Monica Ramalho, Sylvio Novelli, Juju Seixas, Jin Lopes, Bruno Gurgel, Allex Medrado, Lucas Souza, Camila Gama, Carlos Pontes, Cleber Xavier, Cléria Costa, Cynthia Silva, Gustavo Vieira, Ingrid Soares, Caleb Lizan, Lidi Leão, Maria Carneiro Madeira, Marinalda Barros, NicollyMiriã, Paulo Roberto, Reinaldo Amaral, Larissa Morais, Guilherme Monteiro, Camila Rodrigues, Analyze, Lucas Sued, Beatrice Martins, The Cradle of Cradle, Álvaro TuKano, Daiara TuKano, Bruno Gurgel, Viviane Cardell, Fernando Bressan, Israel Marcos, Moacir Macedo, Nonato Ray, Maria Clara Farias, Paulo Andrade, Alaor Rosa, Ana Beatriz, Jirlene Pascoal, Aline Leon, Beatrice Martins, Lucas Lily, Lorena Matos, Cleide Soares, Clarice Cardell, Chico Nogueira, Amelinha Cris, Bárbara Rodrigues da Silva, Cássia Olivier, Maia Marques, Teixeira stalk, Celia Matsunaga, Wagner Barja, Jana Coe, Camila Gerra, Gustavo Vieira Rosanna Viegas and great cast.

Spy on acts in hashtags: #QuemPartiuéAmordeAlguém # VigíliaSilenciosa #FiqueemCasa #LeiAldirBlanc # PL1075 # Somos70PorCento #Juntos # Coronavírus # Covid19 #ATAC #APTR #FrenteUnificadadaCulturadoDF # FórumdeTeatrodoDF #Performance


Adrielle Bueno de Brito

Alaor Rosa

Aline Leao

Allex Medrado

Ana Beatriz Barroso

Ana Paula Rabelo


Barbara Franco

Barbara Guesil

Beatrice Martins

Lemos Scholarship

Bia Barros

Bidet Galvão

Bruno Estrela

Bruno Gurgel

Bruno Henrique

Camila Cunha

Camila Gama

Camila Guerra

Camila Rodrigues

Camila Tenório Cunha

Carlos Pontes

Carmen Mee

Cássia Olivier

Clarice Cardell

Claudia Regina

Cleide Soares

Cynthia Silva

Diogo Cerrado

Erick Gorgeus

Fernando Bresssan

Francisco Sergio

Giovana Bettiol

Giuliana Vinci

Gustavo Vieira

Hiago Farias

Ingrid Soares

Isabela Barbalho

Israel Marcos


Ivonei Calado

Jamila Brasil

Jirlene Pascoal

Josie Martins

Julia Henning

Kaká Carvalho

Teixeira stalk


Karol Porto

Kika de moraes

The Cradle of Cradle

Lidi Leão

Lorena Matos

Luana Angélica Modesto

Lucas Lily

Lucas Souza

Lucas Sued

Manu Maia

Maria Clara Farias

Mariana Baeta

Marianna Sampaio

Max D’Oliveira

Moacir Macedo

Naná Maris

Nando Borges

Nick Cole

Nicolly Miriã

Nonato Ray

Orlando Ribeiro.

Otávio Church

Patricia Martins

Paula Prestes

Paula Prestes

Paulo Andrade

Paulo Sousa

Pedro Gabriel Aquino

Pilar Brazil

Rafael Pops

Rafael Soul

Stella Fernandez

Suzana Dalet

Tereza Marques

Thelma Mello

Tullio Guimaraes

Veranne Magalhães

Viviane Cardell

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