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Renata Spallicci. Photo: MF Global Press.

Renata Spallicci, to “Fit Executive”, celebrates your mother and grandmother: "I grew up with two strong women by my side"

Renata Spallicci, He suffered bullying in childhood and today is called “Fit Executive” for your flawless body, claims that your mother and maternal grandmother are responsible for your success.

Renata Spallicci. Foto: MF Press Global.

Renata Spallicci. Photo: MF Global Press.

"Mother is the most important thing in the world, otherwise we wouldn't be here. I am fortunate to have a mother too friend, very partner and next. We always joked that our House was the House of the three girls on my mother's side I'm an only child, and my mother is also an only child by my grandmother. My grandfather died a little before I do three years, so I practically grew up with these two strong women by my side. The female presences were extremely important and I'm sure I have this personality. I do what I do today thanks to them. In my book I made the dedication to my mother saying that that book was just in her hand because of her. For all that she encouraged me, the strong woman and warrior that she made me. And my mother was always super mom! She had a lot of difficulty getting pregnant and her life's dream was to have a son. She stayed for four years getting treatment and this later brought other consequences for her. Her uterus was too big, She can't have children because I wanted to have many children. I was a baby quite expected ", account the brunette 35 years which is professional athlete WBFF, Executive Board, Blogger, writer, entrepreneur and coach, and launch the book “The dream to the realization”, Legacy Publisher, on 18 de Mayo.

Renata Spallicci. Foto: MF Press Global."I had a mother who gave me a lot of strength, you never let me speak negative words. Always fought a lot with me about the power of attraction, of the words, and was the person who encouraged me most in part of the arts. She is an artist, painter, and always encouraged me in ballet, stayed backstage, make all the girls in my class. Attending all on Assembly of shows, in the competitions that I was to be. It was a very active! Always encouraged me a lot in the sport and art, in dance, in music. I did ballet, tap dance, Spanish dance, jazz… My maternal grandmother is keyboardist, There's a lot of musical talent. Had this cradle and of course this influences me a lot until today. In my first fitness competition my mom was there with me. My right arm! My grandma days before the competition was doing the final adjustments of my bikini. Now the release of my book my mother is always with me ", complete Renata Spallicci.


Executive Director of Pharmaceutical Apsen setting in Publisher and throws your first book.

Renata Spallicci, Director of Corporate Affairs of the company in Pharmaceutical Apsen Brazilian pharmaceutical market since 1969 and has a turnover of approximately $600 million, setting in Publisher and throws your first book: "The dream for the achievement".

In this book, Renata presents a journey that begins with self-knowledge and discovering your life purpose, This journey that will require faith, discipline, focus, resilience and a lot of personality. But that, will lead readers to the realization of your dreams and a full and happy life.

Available for pre-order on the website www.dosonhoarealizacao.com.br, the book was built based on several accolades that the writer received with your blog and in corporate lectures. The dream to the realization, title of the work, It takes experience and personal learnings and challenges the reader to take the reins of your life and to choose the path you want to pursue.

About the launch: 18 de Mayo, at 19h, at Villa Bisutti, Street House of actor, 642 | Vila Olímpia.

Information about Renata Spallicci:

Renata Spallicci entrepreneur, enterprising, Professional bodybuilding, Blogger, digital influencer, speaker, writer, coach and social Director. Formed in chemical engineering, postgraduate in business administration and MBA for CEOs, Renata also has numerous certificates in coaching processes, mentoring and leadership, in renowned institutions such as the Instituto Brasileiro de Coaching, the Fundação Getúlio Vargas, among others. Compulsive Director, seeks to achieve its goals and inspire people for the exercise of a full and complete life.

About the site author www.renataspallicci.com.br

Information about the Apsen:

Turning disabilities into great achievements.

Headquartered in Santo Amaro, São Paulo – SP, the Apsen is a brazilian pharmaceutical company investing in research and innovation to market more of 35 products in 85 presentations, being especially strong in major Brazilian cities. Founded more than 46 years by an Italian immigrant couple, Today the company employs more than 1000 employees divided into the areas of sales, Industrial and administrative.

Focused on branded products, the Apsen is present in major therapeutic areas: Neurology, Psychiatry, Otolaryngology, Urology, Gynecology, Rheumatology, Orthopedics, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics, Endocrinology, Angiology and is growing every day in the area of MIPs (Non-prescription drugs) and functional foods.

Company data – 2016

  • Billing: R$597 million
  • Units sold: + from 21 million
  • Average of medicines sold per minute: 41 units
  • Number of medical visits performed: + from 600 thousand visits

For additional information about the Apsen, visit the corporate site of the company:

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